Conversion of video games to television entertainment is pop, in and new black – two gaming series as a turning set, another as a film

The first trailer of the halo television series was seen just on which news will now be heard from translation of two other games in the form of television series.

The first two duplicate is american McGee’s ALICE, Electronic Arts, published by Electronic Arts, with two parts. Liisa Wonderland’s first game, _American McGee’s Alice, saw the daylight in 2000, while the postgraduate alice: Madness Returnsin was reached in 2011. In 2011, the gambling series is the best time for the third part, called alice: Asylum.

EA / Electronic Arts ALL INTRO LOGOS (1983 - 2019)
In the television form, the game series is served as a trainer, as a producer, a manuscript, and a Solid Snake of the MEtal Gear Solid Games David Hayter . He both pencils and produce a future series whose drinking patterns are starting with the Hollywood Reporter site as Alice returns from the wonderland to find their homes to find their homes and their parents dead.

The Variety site, on the other hand, tells the praise the pivoting series of it Takes Two game. The project is working with the title developed by Hazelight Studios together with DJ2 Entertainment.

It Takes Two game focuses on a couples that ends up in fantastic cooperation with demanding adventures in trying to put his position on the package. The title was in our assessment (KLIK) five stars from five to numerous praise.

This is not the first time that DJ2 Entertainment adheres to game-based projects, as production company is involved in sonic-silica-starred films and, among other things, in the Netflix TOMB RAIDER series series and sleeping Dogs movie.

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