“Mine Craft” corrects “the water level of liquid blocks” bugs. “Little Moya” existing for 10 years

Mojang Studios delivers snapshot 22w05a at “ Mine Craft ” on February 2. In this case, there is a bug fix with “10 years”. It seems that the “sense of discomfort” was eliminated by the person who is worried.

There are a block of a type called a liquid block in “Mine craft”. Typical things are water blocks and can be carried by using buckets and so on. Liquid blocks have their own characteristics of “spread”. If you put a block that will be a water source at a certain position, you will spread around it. The water level goes down as you leave the water source block. The closer to the water source is the correct behavior of the water block in “Minecraft” that the water looks deeper and the more water is shallower. Similar properties are also common to lava blocks.

However, if the liquid block is made a special arrangement, different behavior is seen. For example, if another liquid block is placed on the diagonal on the liquid block, the water level is originally in the contact portion, despite the position where the water level should be lowered, the water level is suddenly raised. This is the behavior found in both water blocks and lava blocks. It does not mean that the disadvantages on play occur especially because the water level is exposed. Although it is a completely appearance problem, it seems that there was a slightly moyamoya user for this defect that ignored the physical law.

The bug has been confirmed in 2013, according to the official Bug Tracker of Mojang Studios. From the user, it has been also pointed out that it is not the cause that the water block is not connected directly as a water block that is not connected directly as a water block. In September 2014, although it became a resolved status as a “behavior of specification”, the user was wondering from the user. And in March 2021, it is treated as a bug again from the resolved status. Although the priority of Mojang Studios was categorized in “low”, it seems to have finally been resolved over a year.

This snapshot 22W05A is a large update “WILD UPDATE” to be delivered in 2022, and a large number of bug fixes were made. If you are interested, you may want to choose a snapshot from the Mine Craft launcher and try the latest environment.

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