Store error causes consoles to be sold for a downtown of euro

Buying online nowadays is no longer as risky as before, since there are different security filters that both sellers and buyers must approve before making any type of transaction. From time to time it happens that Internet stores are wrong with the price list, but the recent case of mediamarkt is something truly extraordinary.

How to fix tax_behavior missing for prices error
MediaMarkt is an electronics store located in Europe that recently suffered from a catastrophic error. It happens that consoles, videogames, controls, and other accessories of gaming were sold for just one cent of euro, and many users even came to buy different products at this price.

As I was saying before, there were buyers who did acquire several products at this price, although at the moment we do not know if MediaMarkt will respect the transactions. Nor have they not pronounced about it, but it is easy to assume that all the purchases that were made as a result of this error will be canceled. At the time of writing this was already solved, but again, the online platform has not pronounced itself about it.

Editor’s Note: We have seen that here in Mexico these kinds of things have also happened, even in physical stores where a comma or bad point put in the price causes that items of thousands of pesos are sold in much less of that. I do not know how things work in Europe, but I would not like to be in MediaMarkt’s shoes currently.

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