Minecraft players now have a deadline to change the new account system

Minecraft The players told them last year that Mojang would change the way Java Edition players would begin in the game. The previous system allowed these players to be session with the same session beginnings they had always used, but with this new login method, they would be asked to players who will create a Microsoft account and use it from now on to log in. It was always mandatory and did not impose players at that time, but the option of voluntarily changing is coming to an end with a deadline set for March 10.

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The last thing about the Java Edition login change was shared this week in a Minecraft team that announced the deadline. “Millions of Java Edition players were changed to Microsoft accounts” last year, Mojang said, and for those who have not done it, he will soon come his time. If you play the Java edition and do not create an account, you will not be able to play until you solve it.

“However, the voluntary migration period will close soon,” said Mojang. «As of March 10, 2022, you will not be able to play Minecraft: Java Edition unless you change to a Microsoft account. We are doing this to make sure that everyone is playing using accounts with improved security and protection for players ».

For those who have not made the transition to a Microsoft account, they can also do so before the deadline so as not to lose a reward. Mojang encouraged players to change early with the promise of a coating cosmetic that can still be obtained now. It is not much, but if you are going to have to change anyway, you can also get a layer for your problems.

«If you are reading this and you have not changed to a Microsoft account, be sure to do so before the deadline to claim your layer!» said Mojang. “You will still get it if you migrate after March 10, but as soon as possible you jump trends, better! At least we believe that this is how fashion works ».

The deadline for this process is March 10, so make the change as soon as it is convenient to avoid staying temporarily out of minecraft one that date arrives.

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