“Prioritizing the Development Team and Player More” BLIZZARD New Leader, Mike Ibaras Statement-Can I get back or trust

Mike Ybarra’s Statement On Blizzard... Their Faults & Direction
Leader of Blizzard Entertainment Mike Ibara , “We take precedence over BLIZARD development team and player.” Publish a comment enthronized on the company official site. did.

J. Allen Black, who was a leader at that time in August 2021, and after the harassment problem, and Mr. Jen Oinhal, who was one of the co-leaders, has also left the company. Mr Mr. lizes itself al1. He is also a person with a long time ago with Microsoft, who has acquired a huge Activision Blizzard, BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT.

In this comment, which was emitted in the form of the above acquisition, in mind, with the many issues raised by the company, “to regain your trust for BLIZARD” is the top priority. As a result of corporate culture improvement for that purpose, we promise to improve personnel evaluation and increase human resources. Furthermore, the scale of compliance and survey team expansion, internal situation sharing, and feedback program introduction to the boss are also clarified as an effort.

At the end of the published comment, it is also described that these contents are not only the beginning, and it is also described that the content at a stable pace will be provided, and next week also “exciting announcement” also It is said that

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