The production of the third season of The Witcher has begun

The Witchar: Wicked Hunt (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt parody)
Last December, the second season of _ The Witcher _ in Netflix was released. However, since October 2021 it was known that a third season was already under development. This is so recently, a couple of images were shared that give us the first look at the production of the new adventures of Geralt and company .

Through the official Instagram account, Steve Gaub, writer of The Witcher, shared a couple of images of the production of the third season already underway . Do not wait any image of Henry Cavill like Geralt or something like that, but a back of cameras to the process that involves creating this Netflix series.

Just when the third season of the series was confirmed, it had been revealed that this script was about to be finished, so it should not be a surprise that just a month’s premiere of the second season , is already underway This production.

If everything comes out, and there are no more problems with the Covid-19, Maybe this year we see the third season of _The Witcher _ . We only have to wait and see what the Netflix plans are for this series. On related topics, here to know what we found the second season of The Witcher. In the same way, this would see the characters of Demon Slayer in this world.

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