LOL: The failure of a professional player with Zeri who reminds us of his great weakness

All players have to internalize the mechanics of operation of the new champions of League of Legends and professionals are not an exception. Especially in cases where new mechanics or restrictions are introduced into the game, it is easy not to take them into account when a fight takes place in which we must be paying attention to too many. A situation in which it was found UpSet in the last match of FNATIC corresponding to the day 10 of the Spring season of LEC 2022.

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Zeri’s unique mechanics play a bad pass to UpSet

In a fight in which everything went quite well for Fnatic, the shooter sought to close the last low low on the Oianna of Perkz. The Mid Lane de Team Vitality was in full flight to try to save the furniture and that the party did not break after a failed fight, meeting UpSet’s insistence in the process. What did not take into account the shooter is that the blows of the q (explosive fire) of the new champion are not able to pass through objectives .

As we can see in the play, UpSet attacks hit the turret obviously. A first problem that adds to another failure that makes the error even more flagrant: also throws the right click to the structure losing enough time so that his rival ended with him thanks to the second blow of the tower and his own skill of skills. A moment between fun and negative for UpSet’s career as a League of Legends professional that Despite everything he played a great game .

Fnatic managed to win the game comfortably, taking advantage of the advantage obtained in this fight closing when 27 minutes of confrontation had been barely elapsed. A victory that leaves clear its situation as favorites to the most important title of the European League of Legends and complicates life to a Team Vitality that, despite being considered superequipment, has not earn even half of its parties.

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