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The Super Bowl 2022 is located in front of the door – and Saturn takes this mega event for the occasion for a mega price action. “19 percent VAT gifted” is the big electronics dealer. The estate is located on almost the entire range, including laptops, television, PC, audio & hi-fi, monitors, smartphone accessories, household appliances, movie, music, gaming or photo. Whether you want to buy a LG OLED TV, a PS5 controller dualsense, a HP gaming monitor, an Asus laptop or a Bosch washing machine, at Saturn you get 19% VAT for a short time. Relatively new categories such as e-bikes or hooverboards are also part of the 19% MWSt gifted action at Saturn.

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  3. 3Xclusive presale for Saturn Card customers
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  4. 4Video: Qled- vs. OLED TV – What is better?
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What does the 19% MWSt gifted action offer?

19% VAT daily TV, PS5 accessories, laptops, monitors, PCs, household appliances and much more. Source: Saturn

As part of the 19% MWSt gift action on the occasion of Super Bowl 2022 you will receive a discount in the amount of the 19% majority value management at Saturn, which would apply to the excellent price. The action includes almost all product areas at Saturn, for example TVs (including LG OLED and Samsung Qled), Audio & Hifi, PC (UA Medion), Laptop (UA Acer), Monitor (UA HP), Smartphone Accessories, Household Appliances (including Bosch ), Film, Music, Gaming (UA PS5 Controller DualSense) or photo. Apple products are excluded from the action, a MacBook or an iPhone can not be purchased at Saturn without VAT. Also devices from Sonos and DSyon are not part of this action. Important: The actually payable price you can only see in the shopping cart. Of course, all action products are marked accordingly at Saturn. There is a dispensing amount of 2 pieces per action product and household. Here it goes to the 19% MWSt gifted action at Saturn.

19% MWSt gifts action at Saturn

When does the action start?

The 19% MWSt action, where you can buy TVs, PS5 accessories, monitors, laptops and much more with a thick discount, starts tomorrow’s Sunday (13.02.) At 10:00. The action ends on Tuesday (15.02.) At 8:59.

Exclusive presale for Saturn Card customers

For Saturn Card customers, the 19% MWSt gift campaign begins for two hours earlier. The presale starts on 13.02. at 8:00 clock.hier Click to request the Saturn Card quickly free now.

Premium Benefits for Saturn Card Customers

Who registers for free for the Saturn Card, receives premium advantages in a level system. If you register, for example, you are an extended exceptional right or personalized news & coupons for 28 days. At the level ride – depending on its purchases at Saturn – there are advantages such as shopping vouchers (5-25 euros), 0% financing or free delivery. And as mentioned above, you can go to the new 19% majority-value gifted action on the occasion of Super Bowl 2022 earlier already at Saturn. Register now for free for the Saturn Card.

PS5 and Xbox Series X Portable
19% MWSt gifts action at Saturn

Video: Qled – vs. OLED TV – What is better?

Purchase advice gaming monitors

Which resolution can it be? Full HD, WQHD or even 4K or Ultra HD? Here comes to the personal taste, the display size and also the performance of the gaming computer. Because more pixels require more power. The monitor must fit to the graphics card, simplified. In addition, the pixel density should be pleasantly high. 27 inches and WQHD is about a popular combination. Smaller panels already exist in this resolution almost no more and 32 inches is so rough grain so many an eagle eye. At the latest this factor is absolutely subjective. The complete PCGH buying advice gaming monitors are available here.

What distinguishes the PS5 controller?

LG 65 inch TV for 799 € instead of 1.599 € at Media Markt

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