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If you play Guild Wars 2 more often in groups, knows some elements that are almost never indemnified: is a forest run, he places ghosts that strengthen groups. Want to join warriors, they do not need to try that without banners. However, on these and other cornerstones of large player groups, the developers shake the developers in 2022 – at an even directly to the release of End of Dragons on February 28, 2022 (the extension will incorporate in different editions). Overall, it’s about three revealed changes. (Via Arenanet)

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Important Meta Changes for Guild Wars 2 in 2022

  • Target limit for skills : Most PVE skills that can relate to ten targets so far (such as the tap of the renegal, spirit of warriors or banners of the warrior), can only be five from the release of End of Dragons Achieve goals.
  • The ghosts The forest runners lose the unique reinforcement effects. So far, Frostgeist players have a five-percent damage bonus awarded, which is completely independent of blessing such as power or anger. During the summer of 2022, such effects are exchanged by universal blessing.
  • The banners of the warriors also lose their class-specific effects that reinforce players with bonus stats. Instead, there will be “new support rollers” for you and forest runners, based on the universal blessing of Guild Wars 2 (Buy Now 49.95 €). This gameplay adjustment is also at the summer of 2022.

As a “banner slave” warriors in GW2 have to supply their group with bonus stats as precision, wildness, strength and state damage so far. That will probably change in 2022. Source: warriors

What should these changes be made in GW2?

With these three changes, the developers want to ensure that forest runners and warriors can no longer be unique and thus restricted in their builds – a warrior was always committed as “banner slave” in Strikes, Raids & Co. Return to these skills. That also impacted that warriors rarely benefited from new elite specs, as they will give them in End of Dragons.

The reduced limit for PVE skills also ensures that fairness prevails when it comes to how many players can support a skill. In the future we will then need two player characters in a strike to equip each group member with blessing & Co..

But it is exciting how these changes affect the game. Warriors are then taken less often because they lose their bonus outside of blessing? Are groups simply filled with more renegades to balance that you can no longer leave this job to a single player? What do you mean? Tracks us your theories in the comments!

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