Daomei Village, Pixel RPG, offers a gift to reach the worldwide list

Last update there is February 15, 2022

A successed game on Steam must bring a lot to the table. He must have a mass attraction, be flashy or interesting, and of course, it must be nice to play. Sometimes when a game has all these attributes and becomes a success, they want to give back a little. The next RPG Pixel Art of the GameParic Developer, Daomei Village, found himself on the World Wish Wish list over the weekend and now they want to give back. A press release on the game and his arrival in the Global Wish List of Steam explains how GameParic restrains.

Daomei Village - a new pixel art RPG announcement trailer!

_ “We would like to make a big thank you to everyone who decided to believe in the village of Daomei and added it to their wish list. “Declared Marcin Wenus, GameParic CEO, in the press release. He continues, explaining that, _ “” Enter a Global Steam wish list is a great success for us, but that would not be possible without the support of all. ยป_

To honor the success of Daomei Village on the worldwide list, they offer a surprise. Maybe a happy Valentine’s day somehow? For a short time, anyone who adds the game to his wish list will receive a discount at launch. In addition, new subscribers will also receive this special surprise.

Daomei Village itself is a RPG inspired by Chinese folklore. Mysticism to mythological creatures, explore Chinese myths. The player’s character was sent to the small colony of the village of Daomei for crimes against the emperor. The player must help rebuild the village and, along the way, discover a story about the importance of life.

Currently, Daomei Village is planned for an exit in 2023. It will be available on PC. In addition, a demo of the game will arrive in the current of 2022.

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