Minecraft: Thousands of players help to find hidden world

MINECRAFT has always been revived with secrets. Among them is a world that knows almost every player, but never visited. Until thousands of fans closed together to finally free the way to this hidden world.

What secrets does Minecraft still have to offer?

Pack.PNG has been FOUND! - Here's how they did it.

The “Pack.png” picture shows one of the most famous worlds in Minecraft. After all, it has already seen as well as every player when he selects the standard texture package . A group of fans has finally managed to visit the mountain in the game.

To uncover the Seed of “Pack.png”, the Rechen Platform Boink was used to donate the power of your PC for a project for thousands of games. On the basis of small indications, such as the flow direction of the water and the position of the clouds, this supercomputer made the 281,474,976,710,656 possible seeds to narrow to 700,000 possible worlds.

These could then be examined more closely on the corresponding landscape features, until finally the seed 3257840388504953787 as a winner fixed. If you like to play with blocks in real life, we can recommend Minecraft Lego on Amazon.

Seed and position of the “Pack.png” picture are fixed

Since the world creation has changed over the course of development, you have to use version Alpha 1.2.2. At the position x = 49, z = 0, then the mountain is and even the pork of the PNG. If you are interested in the methods of minecraft researchers , you can read here a detailed explanation.

The team “Minecraft @ home” has already succeeded about two months to find the world of the former title screen. Again, they support their colleagues by lending their computing power.

Tests your pixel knowledge!

Due to hardworking researchers such as “EarthComputers” Minecraft soon has no secrets to offer . What do you say about the fantastic find? Visit our Facebook page and writes it to us in the comments.

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