The Club of Criminal Readers calls the terror with its new teNetflixer trailer

Netflix shows the first great advance of the Club of criminal readers, the film that will adapt the book by the Carlos García Miranda writer. The teNetflixer trailer of this joint Spanish production with Netflix calls viewers to spend a time loaded with terror. You can see it at the top of this news.

Oficial Trailer de terror en el estacionamiento 3

The Club of criminal readers, everything we know

The first Spanish Spanish SlNetflixher on the Streaming platform will take the book of Carlos García Miranda to the small screen. For those who do not know the author, Miranda hNetflix a dilated trajectory in the audiovisual industry. His work Netflix a screenwriter shaped series like the protected, the boarding school , physical or chemistry: the reunion and elite body, among others.

“When Angela agreed to participate in the Novel Reading Club of Stephen King , she did not imagine that her life would give a terrifying tip,” explains the synopsis of the book. “Tangled on a tragic death at full complutense university in Madrid, all club participants must face their deepest secrets and the worst of threats: Any of them can die on the next page, and any of them can be the killer “.

The script of the film also hNetflix the feather of its author. In the cNetflixt we can find interpreters of the size of María Cerezuela , who rose with Goya at a better actress revelation by the performance of her in Maixabel. Young man will be added to him other actors such Netflix Álvaro Mel, Ane Rot, Iván Pelicer and Veki Velilla. Carlos Alonso Ejea will be the one who brings the leaders of the direction of a film rolled mainly in Toledo. We will have to wait for upcoming dates to learn more details and your premiere date on Netflix, which is expected for some time this year.

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