Update: Platinum Games would revive ScaleBound

Actually, the work on the action game SCALEBOUND has long been set, but maybe that does not have to stay that way.

Update from 16.02.2022: If you follow the game designer Hideki Kamiya in social networks, you will probably already be noted that the Japanese is hidden. But the recent statements to scalebound were serious. The colleagues of Videogame Chronicle now interviewed Kamiya and published some excerpts from the conversation that prove that.

When asked if Platinum Games was already in conversations with Microsoft about ScaleBound, Kamiya answered: “_I can not confirm or deny nothing, but we could talk to Microsoft. But we could talk to Nintendo, Sony, Capcom, Konami or otherwise someone! _ “

It seems like scalebound may appear. However, whoever will be the publisher remains to be seen. Nintendo has ever jumped platinum games to the side, but Microsoft has to further improve its position on the Japanese market and there would be a cooperation with a local studio.

Original message from 09.02.2022: ScaleBound of Platinum Games was planned as one of the big exclusive titles for the Xbox One before being surprisingly set in early 2017. Designer Hideki Kamiya, for whom the adventure with the huge dragons was a heart project, the responsibility for this decision took over in retrospect, although many saw the ground at Microsoft.

The Japanese did not give up the project obviously never. Again and again the eccentric designer to look through Twitter and other occasions, as well as a pity is the attitude of the project for him. Now might get movement in the matter. In the interview with IGN Japan (which the colleagues translated by VGC) Kamiya and Studio boss Inaba were asked, to which old game they would like to return. The answer was quite clearly scalebound. According to Inaba Kamiya has always wanted to do it and you would like to talk to Microsoft again. The latter itself added in his distinctive way: _ “We worked a lot, and there is no sense that Microsoft retains the game in its current form under closure, so we would like to do something about it. Phil! Are we doing it together! _

Of course, as it continues, it is not yet known, but Phil Spencer from Microsoft is likely to have not escaped the interview. But even if the project is not resumed, SCALEBOUND has influenced some other titles of Platinum. The combat systems of Astral Chain and Bayonetta 3 are obviously inspired by the dragon adventure.

Platinum calls out Xbox Boss to revive Scalebound

OURCE: IGN Japan (via VGC), VGC

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