BVB celebrates canter victory: “None of us wants this roller coaster trip”

Borussia Dortmund has reacted with a 6-0 ridge victory against Gladbach on the previous Europeanapokal bankruptcy against the Rangers. The most recently recently criticized BVB captain Marco Reus showed world-class performance with five gate participations. The FC Bayern, on the other hand, struggled openly open 4: 1 home win against the final light from Fürth. All voices for the 23rd Bundesliga match day at a glance:

Hertha BSC – RB Leipzig 1: 6

Tayfun Corkut (Trainer Hertha BSC)…

… to the many coronary failures (before the game): “Overall, they are now eight. Yesterday, six have been added. And seven out of the staff. Of course, that’s not ideal. We take the situation as you like is. The last who whines, I will be. We have to do the best of it. “

… to the game: “One would have to separate the game in two parts. Once the phase to the red card, which was naturally shaping, and then. Of course, the result is above all. After the compensation were We fully in the game. Through the red card we came into the back. “

Marco Richter (Hertha BSC): “Of course we can understand the frustration of the fans. It was a very bitter course. After the bitter red card, everything has taken its course. It is a 1: 6, which clearly too is high. “

Fredi Bobic (Managing Director Hertha BSC Hertha BSC): “We are brutally disappointed, that’s clear. The result is really madness. We have seen two different games. One to 2: 1 and one afterwards. To the red card Have the boys out everything. “

Domenico Tedesco (Trainer RB Leipzig)

… for strong rotation compared to the Europa League (in front of the game): “We have many good players, our squad gives this ago. We played three days ago, and it was an intense game.”

… to the game: “The game was not as easy as it looks at the end of the result. It was very open for a long time. We just have to lead 2: 0 earlier. After 1: 1 can Hertha also make the 2: 1. Since you have to be honest. In the end, it is a bit too high. In the second round we got up again correctly, that was a really good performance. I am pleased that the players who in Game coming, change the game positively. That was the third or fourth time this season, that’s great. “

Benjamin Henrichs (RB Leipzig): “We have many players who really bring a high quality.”

Yussuf Poulsen (RB Leipzig): “We played a bit too loose in the first half. In the second half we have given gas and made many beautiful doors. We have just many players in top form and develop us As a team on. “

Borussia Dortmund – Borussia Mönchengladbach 6: 0

Marco Rose (Trainer Borussia Dortmund)…

… to the game: “Yes, I am satisfied today with the game, the result and performance. Our values ​​are outstanding. It was the right reaction again. We won an important Bundesliga game. Now it works Also therefore to show the right reaction. “

Marco Reus (double torcher Borussia Dortmund): “We had to show a reaction again, which we have done again today. A great compliment to the team. We have delivered very well and have a good pressed. Phases we have it very much Well played out. We have to try to perform in every game. “

Julian Brandt (double goalkeeper Borussia Dortmund)…

… to the game: “A reaction was in any case asked, that’s clear to us. I think the game has fun fans and also fun on the square. None of us wants this roller coaster ride That’s difficult to explain. “

… to criticism of Mats Hummels: “Mats has a very explicit word finding. After the game criticism was attached, that’s very clear. Mats is someone who brings it relatively quickly to the point. I think that’s what is all right for us. We are a team, keep together and try to support us. “

Adi Hütter (Trainer Borussia Mönchengladbach): “In the end, the result is much too high after 90 minutes. We had very good opportunities until the 70th minute and 3-0. You just have to use the big scoring chances, What happens after the 3-0, that just does not go. There we are crumbling into our items. That does not suit me, and that’s how it really true to criticize. “

Jonas Hofmann (Borussia Mönchengladbach)…

… to the game: “I think we have found solutions. At least in the first half we have three huge chances. We just have to do one or the other gate. The starting has not worked so well, In the second half, it was very immature. We are not allowed to shoot here 0: 6. We have let us take it away in the first 45 minutes. ”

… to the previous season: “There were already more depths than heights, you have to say so. It’s hard to pull out something positive today. We did not bring it to the plate today. Now we have to go Fast free of this game. The next games against direct competitors are very important. We have to score again. “

Christoph Kramer (Borussia Mönchengladbach): “If you get six, then you can not see anything positive and find. But it was not up to the 0: 3 wrong, we were somehow felt strange. If a team with a strong Marco Reus then has too much space, then it can be angry. Unfortunately, it has become evil today. We make way too many mistakes in all areas. That’s why we stand where we stand. “

FC Bayern – SPVGG Greuther Fürth 4: 1

Julian Nagelsmann (coach Bayern Munich)…

… to the game: “In the half we have changed. The 20 minutes after the half were very good. We can classify the bag a bit earlier. In the end we have also earned in the height. It deserves is an important victory – tabular, punctually and also psychological. “

Robert Lewandowski (double teacher Bayern Munich): “With the first half, I was not satisfied. We needed a lot of time to find in the game. There we were far too slowly. In the second half it was then much better.”

Sven Ulreich (Torwart Bayern Munich): “I’m just glad we have won now. In the first half we have done very hard because we did not play with pace. In the second half we have That made much better. Then we had the pace, which you need to win games. In the end we have earned. “

Stefan Leitl (coach Spvgg Greuther Fürth): “I find that we have in fact a good first half played. I can not remember a top-class scorchance. I think that even the middle part of the second half is very neat Was with a post and a battening goal. There we can turn the game again. Overall, we wanted to offer long Paroli. That’s succeeded. In the end it is too high. “

Marco Meyerhöfer (SPVGG Greuther Fürth): “It’s just hard to handle the quality of Bayern over 90 minutes. But we have never been well d1. With a little more luck we still do the 2 : 2. “

1. FC Cologne – Eintracht Frankfurt 1: 0 (0: 0)

Steffen Baumgart (coach 1. FC Cologne): “We have worked very well against the ball and attacked very high. We make the 1: 0, because we may force the opponent to his mistake. We take the victory Of course, happy with and are happy. I am completely satisfied with everything. “

OLIVER GLASNER (Trainer Eintracht Frankfurt): “We were nice guests, because we did not use many prospective situations in front and made a mistake for themselves, which the 1st FC Cologne used. We are very, very much disappointed. It’s about winning the crucial two-fighting – and we do not do that. “

VFB Stuttgart – VFL Bochum 1: 1 (0: 0)

Pellegrino Matarazzo (Trainer VFB Stuttgart): “That’s a bitter setback. We are very, very disappointed about the result because I have seen a team that made a good game over 90 minutes. I am Sure me, if the first success experience is there, that we come to roles. The team has enough quality, even in this situation to keep the league. “

Thomas Rice (coach VFL Bochum): “I’m totally satisfied, as the point was created. The team was bright wax right from the start. In the second half we lost a bit of the thread. It was certainly no hurray Football in the second half, but when you come to compensation, the point is worth it happy. I am glad that the topic of Bavaria is ad acta. “

Arminia Bielefeld – Union Berlin 1: 0 (0: 0)

Frank Kramer (coach Arminia Bielefeld): “We are totally happy with the victory. We have seen a passionate team that has occurred compact and sought the course forward. You have to make the team a compliment.”

Urs Fischer (coach Union Berlin): “The conclusion is not good. We needed 20 minutes to find in the game. I felt very nervous in the early days. Bielefeld did it very well. After that it was a balanced game. We also had two ways to achieve a gate. At the contraded, we really defend it badly. “

Borussia Dortmund - Borussia M'gladbach 6-0 | Highlights | Matchday 23 – Bundesliga 2021/22

FC Augsburg – SC Freiburg 1: 2 (1: 2)

Reiner Masons (co-coach FC Augsburg): “We are disappointed. We would have earned a point. We have shown a lot of passion. But it was missing the last consequence that you need in the relegation battle. Under the bottom line It’s a pity that we stand with empty hands. We have to show the same passion against Dortmund. “

Christian Streich (Trainer SC Freiburg): “Overall, we were better than the last games. We had more rest on the ball. In the second half it was not so good anymore. It was not an uneven victory for us, too When Alfred Finnbogason had the big chance to compensate at the end. Now we are glad because it was last a bit tough, that we could win in Augsburg after ten years. “

VFL Wolfsburg – TSG Hoffenheim 1: 2 (1: 0)

Florian Kohfeldt (Trainer VfL Wolfsburg): “In our view, this is an extremely unfortunate defeat that feels a little undeserved. We have made a good game over wide routes, then we have gotten away five minutes. The way agrees in all matters, defensive and offensive. But we must also be clear that football matches are decided in small moments. That’s why I’m sacrificed here, because we did not reward. “

Sebastian Hoeneß (coach TSG Hoffenheim): “I was not satisfied with the first half. We then turned the game within a very short time and then passionately defended. Under the line it is certainly not a deserved victory, I’ll take him anyway because we have often heard that in the last few weeks of the opposing coaches. The victory is good for the morale. I’m really proud of the team. “

FSV Mainz 05 – Bayer Leverkusen 3: 2 (0: 1)

Bo Svensson (coach FSV Mainz 05): “We are very happy about the victory. The team has shown a very good performance. In the first half we have to go in the lead. It is not self-evident to go out in The second half and the game dominate. From my view we won the game. “

Gerardo Seoane (coach Bayer Leverkusen): “We had initial difficulties. We were well served with the leadership for the break. It was not quite successful to put our game to the opponent. We could not handle the leadership. In My eyes would have almost faired a draw. “

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