Guild Wars 2 is a large-scale game with a variety of quests and choices. On the way you can easily get lost. But do not worry, we have some useful tips for you.

Prevent damage

Although it sounds self-evident, novice is extremely difficult to avoid damage. This is where the action of evasion begins. Twice tap one of the moves keys. , and you swear in this direction from sin away. The execution of evasion depletes the yellow endurance strip over the indicator of your health.

Healing damage

Each profession has a way to heal damage. You can find your healing skill in the sixth slot on the skill panel. If you get too much damage, heal yourself by clicking [6] on your keyboard.

Guild Wars 2 - Tips and Tricks for New and Intermediate Players | 2020/2021 [GW2 Top 5]


Earn additional experience points, caught your bank with useful materials. As soon as you reach level 10, Purchase sets Sicklers for collecting copper , Copper axes for logging and Copper Kirki From Normal seller . Equip them and look for collection sites on your compass mini card when you explore. When you find a node, interact with him to collect.

The battle

Purpose Enemy to see information about it at the top of the screen. This includes their portrait, a health band and a prompt about their special abilities.

You will use skills to fight with enemies . Skills are located on the bar in at the bottom of the screen , and you can use them by pressing the keyboard keys to which they are attached (displayed in white in the upper left corner of the icon). After using the skill, its icon will display the countdown until you can use it again.


One of the best ways to make friends with other players and learn about the game – it Joining the guild . Guilds are groups of new and experienced players who united to achieve a common goal. Recruiters Guilds often place ads in the cartographic chat in large cities, such as Divinity’s Reach.

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