All tasks of the week BOWNANZA in Fortnite, Chapter 3, Season 1

Recently, Epic Games added Tasks of the week of Boundanza in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, and players have to do about five tasks to earn more XP. All these quests are associated with bows, which were added to the list of production at limited time. Each quest Bonanza Week gives about 8000 xp, and players will have a chance to earn 40,000 experience To increase the level of their combat pass. The following quests Bonanza Week are now available in the game:

  • Check on wild animals with bow (8000 xp)

  • Improbe IO forces using Primal Flame Bow bow (8000 XP)
  • Pulse wildlife with a mechanical shock-wave onion in different matches (8000 xp).
  • Destroy opponents with a mechanical explosive onion (8000 xp).
  • Apply damage to players using a primitive stinky Luke (8000 XP)

Players will have to hunt three wild animals Perform the first quest. Use the mechanical shock wave onion for the pulse two wild animals in different matches.

Perfectly land in the area, sicending opponents and guards IO to perform the remaining tasks. Players will need to beat around seven guards IO s onions of the initial flame and eliminate three enemies using Mechanical explosive bow . Land in a secrecy cave to quickly perform these quests.

Fortnite All Bownanza Week Quests Guide - Chapter 3 Season 1
Want to know how to find bows from the primitive season? Check where to find bows in Fortnite, chapter 3, season 1? In professional players.

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