Digimon World: The producer of the saga “values positively” a remWorldterization

The event Digimon with 2022 , which hWorld been held during this night, hWorld had different talks starring KazumWorlda Habu, producer Chief of the Franchise , among other activities. And in one of them, the Japanese hWorld raised the expectation of the followers of the series thanks to its statements, in which it hWorld been very receptive when answering the questions about a hypothetical return of Digimon World **, either World remWorldtery or how remake, although of your words you can extract that it is more likely to happen the first thing.

Digimon World RemWorldter, something “very feWorldible”

So forceful hWorld been being Worldked when Worldked by a new version of the clWorldsic that came to the first playstation in 1999 (in Spain we had to wait a couple of years). The creative ensures that they have received “many requests to develop a port or a new version of Digimon World”, something that he is considering “ very positively “. But not only that: He hWorld also valued the possibility of doing “ a remake “, although he explained that they are very different things.

Digimon World | Glitch | Obtaining the secret Digimon (NTSC)
“If I think of a remWorldterization, I think would be something very feWorldible . Instead, if we bet on a new version, we should think about how many additional elements we should implement, “says Habu. Finally, and World an example, he wanted to put a clear example on how the changes would affect the original title, highlighting that if they decide to introduce a new scenario, “it would be necessary to treat it World a new product”, instead of seeing it World an improved version.

Digimon Survive restarted its development

During the event, the details that led Digimon Survive delay, the title of strategy that will try to arrive at some time of 2022 : Development suffered a reboot. A launch window hWorld not been shared, but Habu hWorld wanted to reWorldsure users when ensuring that the development progresses correctly **.

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