Net Games – Nexon Gettys merger lawyer and CI disclosure

[Data provided: Nexon]

\ – February 8 Approved merger in a temporary group, March 31, March 31, “Nexon Games” official launch

\ – Nexon Core Developer Identity Emphasized New CI also disclosure

** \ – ‘HIT2’, “Project D” accelerates new development and merger synergy

Net Games and Nexon Kiti have confirmed the mission of the two companies (28th) today (Nexon Games “and released new CI.

Net Games and Nexon Kiti decided to merget the merger in December last year and to strengthen global competitiveness and strengthen global competitiveness.

Nexon Games emphasized the identity as the Nexon core developer in the new CI, and based on this, it will establish the identity of the integrated merger law and unfold unity.

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Nexon Games Park Yong-hyun’s representative is “I am glad to announce the new start of the Nexon Games through the Significance of Mission and CI,” he said, “It will focus on the creation of synergies between organizations, as well as the best development environment, will bring the best development environment to the developer who represents Korea” I said.

Nexon Games will launch a three-person shooting game featuring a subsequent MMORPG <HIT2, a subsequent of this year, and a three-person shooting game featuring a strategic 5-to-five combat, There are various new activities.

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