[Review] Stop the keyboard worries! Returned Logitech G413 TKL SE

When I was a mouse, I was able to put it properly when I was properly light, and when I got it properly, I was in the shopping cart, and the keyboard is a lot of troubles when I bought it once. As the keyboard types are varied, the various axes of the switches are varied as a pool array and a tentyris, and the various axes of the switch, the key pressure, the distinction, and input points are different, so if you use it, the feeling of the feeling is different, and the feeling itself is different.

In the meantime, if you draw a typical axis of the switch, you can see it as a jurisdiction and extensibility. These two shafts would have been a lot of a lot, even if they are not interested in keyboards. Jangsung is a distinctive and so-called PC rooms, and if you go to a pc room, the keyboard. It is easier to understand when it thinks that it is a mechanical keyboard adopting a construct of a convention. If you want to feel a mechanical distinctive cool, you want to use a jewel, but you will refrain from public places or companies.

In contrast, the extension is a shave that has a different tendency to be constructed. When you press the switch, like a jade, you will not get the latch and press it right away, so it becomes a relatively noise. The key pressure is low. It is low for a long time, even if you use it for a long time, it is not a big bunch on your wrist, and it’s a good idea to write a keyboard for your work in a public place. Of course, I do not feel like it’s like a jam as a jam, but the satisfaction of the other may fall.

The two advantages of these two advantages are the right (flexible) switch. A complementary switch that combines a relatively small noise of funny tangers and ritual clasps in a crimping of a jinking. It is the greatest, and it is also made of introductory. In addition, this tactile switch can be a bit ambiguous when you use it first, but if you use it, it is enough to feel the charm of this tactile switch. I have already stuck the tactile keyboard for three years.

The keyboard to introduce today is also a keyboard adopting this tactile switch. Right “Logitech G413 TKL SE” . The right-handed Numehi keyboard is a charming product, which is a charming product, which is a charming product, which is a glamorous product, which is made of durable PBT key cap and aluminum material. It is a keyboard faithful to the basic machine.

■ Product Information

Logitech G413 TKL SE

  • Keyboard Type: Mechanical / Biki Style

  • Switch Type: Tack Tile Switch

  • Key Cap: PBT key cap

  • Key Array: Tenkiris

  • Key pressure: 50g

  • Weight and Size: 355 / 127/36.3mm (w x d x h) / 650g

  • Other features: FN key media control / LED monochrome backlight / metal (aluminum) housing

  • Price: 82,290 won (2022.02.28, Gmarket)

Let’s look at the product exterior

Simple and SOLID! Logitech G413 SE review

This price shows this luxury and durability. I will not have to take out the national break calculator separately. The ABS keycap used in the previous G413 has been upgraded to the PBT keycap, which is a higher durability, which is more durable due to heat resistance and wear. In addition, the upper black case is made of aluminum material and is more durable and luxurious.

White backlit led in Biki style. With 12 functions (FN) keys, you can take advantage of volume control, playback, pause, track skip, mute, lighting toggle, and window locks, and the antigosting function is mounted, so that multiple keys up to 6 keys simultaneously input multiple keys There is an advantage that you can do.

Introduction The adoption of the convincing switches and the complementary switches of claims, and the cathaleate position of the cherry switch, and the tactile switches that can be seen as the degree of transaction position of the cherry switch are not very bad.

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If you choose a keyboard in 100,000 won, most of the housings made of plastic materials were mostly housing, and Logitech G413 TKL SE products are also priced prices, which are durable and durable, and keycaps are also durable and keycaps. The product quality was certainly uploaded.

BAKI style is clean when cleaning or keycap replacement, adopting LED backlight, and is clean and luxurious. I made it as an aluminum material, but weighs less than 650g, and it is dedicated to Tenkiris and is easy to use. True, a full array version G413 SE, not a Tenkiris, and it is good to know that if Tenkiris is uncomfortable, it may be possible to know that there is a choice of pool array.

Before turning on the LED instead, the letter of the keycap is not visible, and the backlight is recommended to turn on and usage. Still, I think it is a pretty decent keyboard for introductory for high durability, suitable ridiculous and luxurious appearance than prices. It seems to be a little more pricing, and it would be great if you give me a wireless way.

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