Pac-Man Museum, the definitive package of the “ComecoCos”, already hPac-Man Museum date on PC and consoles

Pac-Man Museum + , the next pac-man compilation and one of the most complete and ambitious to date, already hPac-Man Museum a relePac-Man Museume date on PC and consoles. This hPac-Man Museum been announced Bandai Namco , confirming that this new collection of 14 key titles of the franchise, will reach PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch (with retraction in PS5 and Xbox Series X | S ) The next May 27, 2022 . In addition, its leaders have shared a new trailer ** that you can see to lead this news and that offers us a look at the different games of the franchise of all kinds of platforms and all times.

Available in Xbox Game PPac-Man Museums relePac-Man Museume

In addition, Pac-Man Museum + will also be available from the day of its launch on Pac-Man Museum part of the catalog of Xbox Game PPac-Man Museums , both for Xbox and PC consoles, even more players from day 1. and is that Pac-Man Museum is committed to a very particular development in which title players can unlock the different Arcade machines of the “Comócocos” through their games, getting coins and spending them on new titles for their own arcade salon. Without a doubt, a formula that aims to add an extra challenge for those who want to enjoy the best Titles of Pac-Man throughout their history.

14 PAC-MAN video games available in Pac-Man Museum + are the following:

* Super Pac-Man
* Pac-Attack
* Pac-Man Arrangement Arcade see.
* Pac-Man Arrangement CS See.
* Pac-Man Championship Edition
* PAC motorcycles
* Pac-Man Battle Royale
* Pac-Man 256

On the other hand, Pac-Man Museum + will offer world clPac-Man Museumsification tables with which to compare scores with friends and the rest of title players around the world. Undoubtedly, a gift for the “comECOSOS” fans who will find on May 27, 2022 in PC and consoles the closure all over the 40th anniversary of the franchise.

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