12-wire t1, 15 years SKT 14 game challenge

[Eye News 24 Park Ye Jin reporter] T1 will challenge a single split match recorded by SK Telecom T1 in 2015.

The League of Legend Champions Korea, hosting the Korean Program of the League of Legend (LOL) ‘(Representative Daily Han, “LCK”), LCK Spring In the seventh main tea, T1 was announced to challenge the 14th winner of SK Telecom T1 days.

T1 continues 12 (12) without having to defend only after the 2022 LCK spring opening. Since the 2015 LCK has changed its regular league in a double round robin method, the winning record of a single split continuous game is a 14-game winner that SK Telecom T1 was established at the Summer in 2015.

At that time, SK Telecom has won 14 consecutive days before he had won 2 to 2 to 2 on July 24 after winning 2 to 0 in the game of Sinick Sonic Boom on May 23, there is.

T1, which is 12 consecutive games in this spring, win two games assigned in the 7th, and SK Telecom, which has been established in the summer in 2015, SK Telecom, and the shoulder can be achieved side by side.

Insane PEANUT LEE SIN 14 KILLS in 12 minutes MSI: SKT T1 vs GAM!!!
T1 consults a 7 weeks of Jenge and a KT roller that is not easy to connect the opponent. Although they win two to two teams in the first round, they were not a perfect power because they were winning two to two 0s, but Zen was a perfect power that was given to Corona 19 confirmed or classified as close contacts. After joining the ‘Score’ Government Buddhist and Jeong Guler ‘Peanut’ Han Wang Ho, the supporter ‘Rienz’ Singhiwi joined, Jence is a T1, which shows the weight of the water, I can not guess the victory at the first time at the third day.

KT Rolvents meeting 6 days can not be seen only. KT, which is a four-deck of four consecutive days, and the KT, which is on the sixth parking, and the KT, which is in the boggles of four consecutive days, has been tried to change the mid liner ‘Big La’ Lee Daegwang. If the defeat is accumulated, KT, which judged that playoffs becomes difficult, “Aria” is a.I.

T1’s mid liner ‘Paker’ is a meaningful record of meaningful records. I recorded 2,496 kils in the situation that finished the sixth parking, and the ranking of the LCK is ranked in the first place in the Kill Division. He is very likely to be able to achieve on the third day at the third day because he recorded a set average of 3.5 kils.

In addition, the Nongshim Red Force, which had been up to the least declaration of 7 consecutive fins after 3 wins, has broken the chain of rebelliously in the last six weeks of the last six-week.

Nongshim Red Force, which has seen the taste of victory in a month, Meet the team in 7 weeks and meet the team that is ranked in centralized competition, including Guangdong Prix and Predit Brill.

Nongshim Red Force has made a players who have been confirmed by Corona 19 after the New Year holidays. Even when it was passed to the second round, ‘Ghost’ Jang Yong-joon has played on the supporter, not a remote dealer, Recently, ‘Peter’ Jung Yun-soo was named LCK Rister, and escaped from the swamp of the consolidated to the roster when the three-taming stream was named.

4 wins 8 Diamen Conditions for 7 weeks of Guangdong Prix, 4 Win 8 L. PRET Brelion in 4 wins. Guangdong, who has won the ranking through the fourth win, and the FASE was broken and the face that fell into the crew, and the four-year-old dress has grabbed the KT and succeeded in converting the atmosphere and is similar to the Nongshim.

If the farming has grabbed both teams, you can point to the advantageous notice of playoffs. This is because there is not yet a team of six wins among the middle-class teams. However, if the opposite case occurs, the farming should be powered up to 7 weeks, so that the playoffs may be frustrated.

LCK relays have also selected as a matching to take care of T1 and Zenji’s game. Kim Dong-joon’s commentary committee member said, “I have to look at two teams already proven to be a game and sexuality.” I said.

“Kuro” Lee’s commentary committee said, “” The most likely team to break the winner of T1 seems to be Zen, “said,” The team atmosphere, as well as the game is the best, and what results were, “Honey Jam”.

‘Atlus’ Max Anderson (Max Anderson), which is in charge of global commentary, recommended T1 and Yuzu (Wolf Schroeder), also recommended for the 3rd T1 and Yuzu (Wolf Schroeder). Max Anderson said, “In the first round, there was no opportunity to see the strings of the mains of the week, and T1 will be able to continue the winner of T1 against Yuzu of the fully powerful power in the second round.” Wolf Schroeder said, “T1 and Zenji are the real fight of” T1, “T1 is interested in the last rental Yen, which is the last financial of the regular season.”

Meanwhile, the 2022 LCK Spring 7 parking is broadcast through the African TV cable channel, including the online platform, including Africa TV, Naver E Sports & Games, LCK official tweet channels.

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