“Bio Re: 2” “Bio Re: 3” “Bio 7” Next-generation machine will be released in the second half of 2022. Upgrade also

Capcom is March 3, “ Resident Evil Re: 2 “, “ Resident Evil Re: 3 “, “ Resident Evil Hazard 7 Resident Ebil ” for 3 works of PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X | SE version was announced to be released. The release date is the second half of this year. When releasing, visual strengthening can be achieved. Also, if you already own the PlayStation 4 / Xbox ONE version of each work, it is possible to digitally upgrade to the next generation of free. PS5 / Xbox Series X | The update when the S version is released is also possible for PC versions.

【UPDATE 2022/03/03 11:43】
Capcom announces the same news on March 3rd on March 3. Among them, the update for PlayStation5 in Japan revealed that it will be a fee for a small amount. At the same time, fix the article title. In addition, the PLAYSTATION 5 version should also respond to unique functions such as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

“Biohazard Re: 2” is released in 2019. A remake work of “Biohazard 2” released in 1998 draw a biological disaster that struck Raccoon City. In addition to changing to the shoulder, the character, the background, and the story are reconfigured. Sound design that introduces the graphic and binaural technology that has been modernized by “Re Engine” created a new experience while leaving the essence of the original version.

“Biohazard Re: 3” is a work released in 2020. It is a remake of “Biohazard 3 Last Escape” released in 1999. From the original, the map and the city are updated, and an emergency avoidance was added to the action element. Nemesis that is a strong enemy is adding a new behavioral pattern such as a constraint attack using a tentacle and a prospect of the player’s escape, and tension is improved more than the original or higher. Also, in this work, asymmetric match survival horror “Biohazard Resistance” was also included.

“Biohazard 7 Resident Ebil” is released in 2017. The player will be Esan Winter, which follows his wife who disappeared, and it will be lost to the mansion where mysterious family will live. Debate of a grained mansion drawn by Re Engine and the first one-person persimmon perspective. VR also responded to VR, “Fear”, “Battle”, “Search”, and “Item Management” has been developed on the axis.

This time, the “Biohazard” series work announced by the next-generation machine is a hit work that carries a signboard of Capcom. At the point of December 2021, the number of sales in each title is 9.3 million “Resident Evil Re: 2”, “Resident Evil Re: 3”, “Biohazard 7 Resident Ebil” is 10.6 million. It has been achieved. These figures are also likely to show more elongation with this next generation machine.

“Biohazard Re: 2”, “Biohazard Re: 3”, “Biohazard 7 Resident Ebil” PS5 / Xbox Series X | S version is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2022. If you own the current and PC version of each work, you can receive an upgrade for the next generation machine.

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