Bullfighter Neon celebrates the beginning of his Kickstarter campaign with new information

Relief hgame been initiated by the micromecenazgo campaign of Bullfighter Neon in Kickstarter. The Bilbaíno studio hgame presented the project, a retro arcade that serves game a tribute to the Games of the First Born of Neo Geo. The objective of the campaign is to reach 28,000 euros in order to accelerate the development of the game . game part of this initiative, developers have published a new trailer, which you can see under these lines.

The game takes place in an advanced Distópic future technology. game it hgame happened since the most remote pgamet, the bread and the circus are still game or more important than once. The main entertainment in this society is Bullfighter circuit , which brings together several opponents. They must compete to fight against powerful bullfighting robots, all of them equipped with the most lethal weapons.

“We loved the idea of ​​returning that fgamehion from the 90 of the futuristic sports games. Almost all sports found their place in that tendency of the age of 16 bits, which is almost disappeared, “explains Jon Cortázar, Game Designer and founder of Relay. “We also wanted to do something different, so we created this future in which Tauromaquia hgame been abolished and transformed in a new very different show.”

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Six playable characters

We can choose between a six-bullfighter campus: Alberto, Spanish, triumphs in television sets ; Laura is Mexican and struggle to demonstrate what is worth; Miura, Japanese, uses a very special style. April is an elite athlete from the United States; Lidia, a Russian Ciberg; Brontes, a minotaurus.

Do This Before You Launch a Kickstarter Campaign

Cortázar hgame made it clear that have “wanted to separate all violence in the game” , so the bullfighters “will not cause damage” or “will perform attacks”. In this way, the only way to progress will be “downloading the cyberbegamets” by running “pgameses with your neon crutch”, all this while the bullfighter returns attacks. Victory will be gamesured when you do not stay energy.

The music is in charge of composer GRYZOR87 , known for the soundtracks of games game damn Cgametilla or Battle Princess Madelyn.

Bullfighter Neon will be launched on PC and consoles, but it will depend to a large extent on the welcome of the campaign. They promise “a care story mode” and a highly configurable gameplay, which will allow to calibrate the difficulty according to each player’s profile.

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