[Igu Dong Sung] Nexons star, game of game

The game industry is a big star. Kim Jung-joo, Nexon’s founder, is the world left the world. He is 54 years old. He was very young.

Kim Jung-joo, was sometimes leading Nexon from the front of Nexon in 1996, sometimes from the front, sometimes. I opened the Pc Online Game Age as the country, and when he was a representative, Nexon has created a work on the game history, including Quiz Quiz, Crazy Arcade Vienni, Cart Rider and Mabinogi. Afterwards, I have acquired the studio with a merger strategy to acquire a long-term box of games such as Maple Story, Dungeon & Fighter, and Sudden Attack.

I am going to have a wave of mourning in a sudden vibration. Kim Tae-jin, who was a competitor and partner, said, “I feel the biggest pain that I felt, I felt the biggest pain,” he said. One of the first-generation games, one of the most common people, Cacao Nam Gong Hoon, said, “It is the sorrow of the industry. I am a sorrow of the industry, and I left the message, and I have left a message, with Lee Jae-sang, the Democratic presidential candidate, Moon Jae-in, also expressed mourning against the challenge of the deceased, the influence of crazy influence on the spirit and venture industry, and social contribution activities.

Gamers are the same. Games Mecca ID Jeanjob “I wish you the best of the deceased”, I sent it with Nexon Games at the time of “Nexon Games”, . “There are a variety of memorial comments, such as” the player to be evaluated by the play and pole, “he said.

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Game Mecca ID Black 13 months “I also made a memories of our school days, but I was an adult, and I was not a good manager,” but it was a developer that was a leading developer that was a developer that was a game industry, “he said. Indeed, he may not have been a perfect manager. However, it is true that the childhood of the gamers could be happy because of the Nexon and the game that he was released here. He left the world, but the achievements that he left in the game industry will remain forever like the stars of heaven.

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