Does Enigma Week have a timed search task in Pokemon Go?

Complete Enigma Week Guide in Pokemon GO!
Most events in Pokémon GO have a week event where coaches have access to a timed search task. The task is only available for the week and complementing each goal, players receive various objects and exclusive Pokémon meetings at this event. The first week of Ultra Unlock after the Pokémon Go Fest 2020 was the Dragon Week, and there was a timed search task where the coaches could receive two dating Deinos if they finished them all. It was expected that the second week, Enigma Week, also receives a timed search task, but it does not seem to be at the players.

The search task of the Dragon Week had been announced on the Blog of the Pokémon GO community on which Niantic writes regularly to inform the players of what is happening in the upcoming events of the game. The second and third weeks of ultra Unlock, Enigma and Unova, did not have the same advertising. It is unlikely that these two events receive a timed search task, and instead will include a variety of 7-kilometers’ wild, raid and egg coaches should receive by using incense, while walking And fighting in five-star Pokémon raids. The only search tasks that players can receive are those available to run photo disks into Pokéstops and Gyms.

It’s disappointing Dragon Week that was the only one to receive the research task. These tasks included five interesting activities on which work throughout the week, and it was sometimes easier to find hardemon difficult to find exclusivity for events. This is particularly disappointing given how rare and difficult to acquire from a 7-kilometer egg, disappointing many coaches around the world.

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