DFB presidential candidate Bernd Neuendorf expects FIFA boss Gianni Infantino to return the friendship order to Russia’s president Vladimir Putin.

Putin Orders Russian Nuclear Forces On High Alert
That’s the least, Neuendorf, with a view to Russian invasion, said in Ukraine of the “Frankfurter General Zeitung” and the President of the Football World Association. Even Altkanzler and DFB honorary member Gerhard Schröder wear a particularly high responsibility and must separate from his positions in Russian state corporations.

The events in Ukraine have also been with regard to questionable partnerships such as the Russian Energy Giant Gazprom “a Zästur”. “People have understood that you have to balance his actions. That’s what you can see on behavior of Schalke 04,” Neuendorf said. You do not need to fall financially into a hole if you are separating from such companies. “It has been quickly shown at Schalke that a clear attitude has increased reputation,” Neuendorf said.

With a view to the controversial World Cup in Qatar end of the year, the time for a boycott was too far advanced. “He would be wrong. In the future, we can not come into such a situation. That must be the goal. We should be on site and use the call channels. As in politics, we must try to talk to difficult partners And change changes, they may be so small, “said Neuendorf.

On March 11, the 60-year-old wants to be aimed at the DFB Bundestag in Bonn to the President, his challenger is the former Schalke Financial Chest Peter Peters. In the case of its choice, ex-national player Célia Šašić will become presidium member for diversity and variety. “Célia Šašić comes from football, she speaks the language of football. She can explain very well, which is why diversity is important in football,” said Neuendorf.

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