Is there a system of professions in triangle strategy?

Triangle Strategy is one of the few strategic role-playing games (SRPG) released after Fire Emblem: Three Houses in 2019. And, given the tactical nature of the SRPG, you may be interested, is it in the triangle strategy one of the main elements of the genre: work system .

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Each character in the triangle strategy is unique, so if you ask whether units can change jobs: no, can not. However, you Mogu increase your current class in the camp. For example, you can turn Frederick in a more powerful fiery mage, but it cannot become a lunch.

Although it may seem that it limits the capabilities of the game, it is not. If you feel about the type of people who manage the team consisting only of magicians, you just need to hire more magicians. Courten Jennar is an example. He is an ice magician. If you want more archers, then you need people like Rudolph Muller in your army.

Characters can be hired as part of the main plot or between cat scenes. You just need to make sure your moral worldview is compatible with them.

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