LOL: Corejj finally gets the green card and can play with Hans Sama in Team Liquid

The general manager of Team Liquid, Dodo , took the floor to give a very good news to the League of Legends community: the file corejj is finally closed! The Korean was in a very complicated situation since the beginning of the year. While he was supposed to receive the green card of him, he took a long time to arrive. Without Green Card, the world’s jackpot still had an imported player and his team could not align it at the same time as BWIPO and French Hans Sama .

Therefore, the superequipment had not yet been able to reach its final form and, although everything seemed to be in order, a final turn scared the team fans. Last week, Corejj lost the competition again “ for personal reasons “. Speculation abounded and several fanatics were worried about another problem with this annoying green card.

But according to Dodo, the case is finally closed. COREJJ may take the place of it in the lower lane with Hans Sama and devastate the LCS. Well, it’s what I finished, because the manager announced that we really do not move away from a disaster. The support would have been close to retiring if the situation had lasted one month more.

TL CoreJJ and Hans Sama Finally play together bot lane | Doublelift

Close to lose a league of Legends legend

Corejj is a monument in League of Legends. World Champion With Samsung Galaxy, he has also been considered for many years as the best Support in the LCS where he won two championship titles and twice the preseason Lock-in. Praised by the immense knowledge of him and his ability to make useful, not seeing him in the loyalty crack would be extremely heartbreaking. Giving us praising both Na player is rare, but he is representative of respect that the whole community has for him.

But corejj has 27 years and time runs… especially for a Korean citizen! The Mandam├ís de Team Liquid did not give details, but we can assume that this story of forced withdrawal is probably linked to the service military mandatory in South Korea that has given so much to talk about these last months in relation to Khan’s retreat.

This requires men between 18 and 28 years old to reach 18 months of service. It is possible to obtain arrangements or even derogations in very specific cases and imagine that the complicated situation of COREJJ is due to a small administrative battle to delay its commitment. Fortunately, everything ended up returning to normal and, from the fifth week of the LCS, we can see all the power of Team Liquid with which it should be the best western botlane: Hans Sama and Corejj .


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