PS5-Exclusive Return gets no sequel first, but the studio makes a new game

Returner appeared almost a year ago and was measured for Sony in the game and the niche, which serves it, a success. Then the Studio Housemarque was bought by Sony and now is known that they are already working on the next game, but no Squel becomes the Roguelite.

Multiplayer or Arcade? The nearest Housemarque game is not a Returnal successor

In an interview with Venturebeat in the context of the Dice Awards, the Studio Director Ilari Kuittinen has expressed itself to the future of Housemarque.

Multiplayer future at Sony? Kuittines was addressed that Sony will focus on the purchase of bungie and the exclusivity of several multiplayer projects in addition to the large single player hits on games as a service. The question was then how a Housemarque can still function with the arcade approach.

We are one of the last ones who still make Arcade games. […] It’s interesting. We have also thought about it and tried multiplayer games, as it felt a few years ago was needed to have a multiplayer experience. We tried it and did not get it so well. But we are at the beginning of the next game, a new IP, and just make concepts. Let’s see what’s going on.

No Return 2 : Thus, Kuittines realize that it will not go back to Atropos for the next game. Instead, you are currently developing a completely new IP that is at the beginning of the conceptuation. Harry Krueger, the Director of Return, also added that she wants to remain faithful by the upcoming game somewhere, even if it is not excluded in which direction it will go.

Here you can take a video to Returner again:

So it can be good that the next game will get multiplayer or games as a service elements. But so far nothing is known. But if you are looking forward to the Arcade Games of Housemarque, then we’ll tell you in our test, what the Roguelite Returnal so can:

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Would you like to receive a Returnal Squel or are you looking forward to a new IP?

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