Dragon Play · Rush Coins P2E Game Platform 8 Days

Dragon Pharao publishes the P2E game platform Infinitimarker developed by Depchee, which is a joint venture, which is established and established on the 8th Rushco Foundation.

Infinity Market is a P2E game service platform. NFT Infiniti is summoned in the market, and encensed in the desired game to enchant the coin. With a non-specific game, it is a structure that issues NFTs in the middle, and is a structure that utilizes it in the game, and manages coin deposit, reward supply, NFT purchases and transactions in the market.

In the early days, we plan to provide interlocking services based on adoption of the game, and in the future, we plan to raise the game when they finish registration of market developer with open APIs and SDKs.

On December 31, the alpha version was opened on December 31, and tested the economic balance and stress test to verify stability. From February 24 to March 7, we conducted a pre-enrollment event before the disclosure service, and the number of prior subscribers is 30,000.

Infiniti markets held at 3 pm on the 8th in the Infiniti Market, the P2E Gaming Infiniti and Pick Cell Ground are entering. Infiniti Lush is a block-based action RPG game based on the Rush Nodong Foundation. The pick-cell ground is a 40-person battle with a block-based part of NNSOFT.


Infiniti Market Discounts Infinitiston NFT with Meta Kongz as META KONGZ. DePhee has signed the meta-beans, IP and business exclusive agreements.

“I confirmed the possibility of an Infinitimick,” said DePhein officials, “I will prevail the P2E platform market through the launch of Open Beta service.” In addition, “DiPcheh’s Southeast Asia and South America’s branch offices are also in parallel, and global user inflows will expand rapidly,” he said.

For more information, see Infiniti Market Official Sites.

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