Ultra-high difficulty SCI-FI Action RPG “Dolmen” May 20 release decision-Multiple replay function introduction trailer in boss battle also shows off

Koch Media has announced that the SCI-Fi action RPG “ Dolmen (Dolmen) ” of Massive Works Studio Development was launched on May 20, 2022. We also publish trailers that introduce multi-play cooperation modes.

This work is an ultra-high difficulty action RPG based on SF x Cosmic horror. Using genetic operations aimed at space travel technology and environmental adaptation, humanity is a stage, and the player is a stage of the SF world, which has a multi-system system, and the player will reveal the mystery of aliens and corrupted companies, and unknown dimensions. It will be.

# Features

# # Strong for each game-A battle that does not go in one-girl line

The player will be stronger every time the battle is cut off. Use various weapons and actions and experience a variety of combat systems. Kill near-distance attacks and long distance attacks, and defeat a number of strong enemies that nest levion prime.

# # Leave a powerful attack with “Energy mode”

Limit the use of limited energy and grasp the key to survival. Energy can also be used at the time of “Energy mode” startup at the time of long distance attack. “Energy Mode” has attributes in close-range attacks, and can pose the weakness of the enemy.

# # Explore the unknown planet “Levion Prime”

Search for beautiful and devastated planets while being wrapped in darkness. Can you find all the secrets hidden in Levion Prime? Or is it to be caught up on this miserable planet and drilled into the death of death?

# # Number of difficulties stand down dungeon capture

This planet doesn’t let you survive easy and you. During the way of a complex dungeon, various difficulties including powerful enemies are waiting. Can you get over this trial? If you can not get over-your time axis disappears.

# # Boss battle with a strong enemy

A strange enemy that appears one after another, a strong enemy, who has a good hair, but the player’s goes. The sense of achievement when the moment of mind to die is a hard battle connected to death will be a substitute experience.

In the multiplayer cooperation mode, other players can participate in the battle before each boss battle, and it is planning to be able to fight the power and fight with a strong boss.

“Dolmen” will be released on May 20 for PC (STeam) / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. We are currently accepting reservations at each store and online store. A product code that can obtain three points “Bulk’s Armor Set” and “Rebourne’s Sode” “Reorganized Army Sord” as the first encapsulation benefit (quantity limited). These special equipment made by newcomers born by rearranging genes will help players adapt to harsh environments of the universe. In addition, PC / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S is scheduled to sell only downloaded versions.

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