How long does the display of Nintendo Switch (Organic EL model) occur? Verifying a certain person over 5 months

Nintendo Switch (Organic EL Model) released on October 8 last Nintendo. As in the product name, it is the greatest feature that organic EL display is mounted, and a vivid drawing is realized.

On the other hand, as the characteristics of the organic EL display, it is a weak point that “burned” causes a long time to display the same image for a long time. So how long it will occur if it continues to appear? In fact, Youtuber, who conducted long-term verification at Nintendo Switch (organic EL model), reports the results.

Verification was done by youtuber Bob Wulff. He shoots screenshots of scenes with “Zelda Legend Breath of the Wild” HORI’s grip controller’s firing hold function is used to continue operationally and continuing to operate in a pseudo, and it is prevented that the screen is automatically turned off as the non-operational state continues.

Wulff reported progress in December last December, which was about 1800 hours (75 days) after starting verification. At that time, it was a conclusion that it could not be confirmed, especially. And then it has been reported this time with a time after time has passed. According to him, it has finally been able to burn it.

When it is a white screen, the part that was strongly shining in the screenshot is a condition that it is visible as an afterimage of blue color. However, symptoms are still minor and say that Wulff is not as much as noted to get to repair. He seems to continue verification until it gets difficult to play.

We will continue to display the same image for about 5 months and finally seen baked signs. From this result, Wulff commented that it is not necessary to worry about burning in general use. Of course, if the game where the same UI is displayed for a long time is continuously played at the brightness of the screen for a long period of time, it may be burned anywhere. Still, it will take many years of time.

By the way, when Wulff was powered off the main unit used for verification, the same verification work was continued, and the battery level has become zero in about 8 hours. Although it is not the same condition as the game play, he says that the battery is hardly degraded.

This result is under the condition of Verification that Bob Wulff was awarded by Bob Wulff, but with regard to baking of the display of organic EL models, it seems that you don’t have to worry too much if it is a general use range It is. As a point in consideration of using Nintendo Switch (Organic EL Model), Nintendo guides the following three points at the support site.

I left my OLED Nintendo Switch on for 1800 hours straight

· Do not display video without change (movement) for a long time or repeatedly
Do not keep the game screen paused, and keep the HOME menu, setting screen, etc. for a long time.

· Set the automatic sleep on to turn on or set the time to enter sleep
You can set “Settings” → “Sleep” in the Home menu.

· Not too bright screen (not too high screen brightness)
You can adjust with “Settings” → “Screen Brightness” on the Home menu.

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