Lost Ark Down: Server Offline for Big March Update Today

Lost Ark goes offline : Today, maintenance work on MMORPG – and the big March update. In a current blog entry, the developers of Amazon Game Studios and SmileGate RPG details call details. The downtime will therefore start at 9 o’clock, logins and game contributions are then no longer possible. The maintenance work is set in a duration of four hours : The servers thus remain up to 13 o’clock down. Note that the information is not carved in stone and can still change.

The patch Notes for March Update for Lost Ark (Buy Now 19.99 €) include, among other things, the new Kadan quest series. Here you experience a new action with your own tasks and new islands. In the quest series you will learn more about the stars and looking for the legendary Kadan, the first butcher of the guards. In order to be able to tackle the endgame quests, you have to complete the tasks “Yorn – It will be light”, “whisper – the beginning of our history”, and “illusion bamboo island – end of the exams”.


Abyssis Raid Argos

Also New is the abyss RAID Argos . Here you work with other players to defeat the guard Argos before the time expires. In this case, your group from eight players is only a limited number of revivations available. In the fight, three phases wait for you, where the guard becomes increasingly stronger. So that you can rush into the scramble, you must first have the counselor quest “abyss-raid unlocked!” to lock.

For the next month, however, the developers have announced the temporary race of the Grand Prix of Arkesia. “In this mode, two teams each come against each other with seven players (7V7). They turgoned by a course, and try to achieve their goal as they stop the other team on the progress. A progress can be progressed by achieving the goal and The food of cake will be achieved, “the developers write in the patch Notes to March Update for Lost Ark. The event will help you to find NPCs, which can be found in every big city. Note that your level 50 must have reached.

Meeting Testing Arena of Season 1

With the March update, the developers also lay the foundation for the competition area of ​​the season 1 , which should go the end of the month at the start. Here players start against each other and fight for prestige and rewards. Wins and defeats during the Season you follow in your “average rating in the competition match”. On the basis of your score your rank is determined. The same applies to the rewards that you will receive at the end of the Season. To participate, you have to compete in the exam arena and reach class 1.

New login bonuses with the March update

With the patch, the developers also screw the daily login bonuses for Lost Ark . The rewards include helpful materials, including reinforcing materials, relationship selection chests, card packs and much more. You can get 25 daily bonuses as well as additional rewards when reaching the 10-, 15 and 20-day brand. The bonuses are available until April update. In the process, Western Europe recovered login rewards, “to make it easier for players who have changed the region to restore the game progress”. The March Update for Lost Ark is rounded off a number of bugfixes – the list will receive you on the website for the game under this link.

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