Super Nintendo World will open its doors in the US. The following year

On March 18, 2021, Super Nintendo World opened its doors in the universal park that has Japan . We knew that its creators also had intentions to bring this same concept to the United States , and after almost a year of waiting, we finally know when this attraction will arrive at Universal Studios of Hollywood.

Through your social networks, the official account of Universal Studios Hollywood announced that Super Nintendo World will be arriving at USA at some point of 2023 , but that It’s not all, since soon you can also buy official merchandise from this park through the famous shop feature presentation of universal .

Super Nintendo World Opens Next Year 2023 @ Universal Studios Hollywood! (Happy Mar10 Day!)
This store will be located at the main entrance of the park and visitors will be able to acquire all kinds of merchandise such as clothes, stuffers, accessories, and other items that Nintendo fans will surely not want to lose. By while, it is only aware of when we have official information related to dates, prices and more important details.

Editor’s note: Although the Covid was already applied a bit, it is worth remembering that Super Nintendo World in Japan had to close its doors for a long time due to the pandemic. Taking into account the above, we should not surprise ourselves if the opening of this park is also going to delay in the neighboring country, or if little after its opening it will have to close again.

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