LOL: The most unjust change to an object that is actually a good decision of Riot Games

Riot Games introduced a small patch throughout the week to adjust League of Legends before taking a week of rest in which he will decide the future of the game. Version 12.5b has been somewhat controversial among players. He introduced few changes, but many of them were quite discussed. In addition to the nerfs to two of the worst game champions, it was particularly striking the decision they took with an object because it began to be used by characters that did not correspond at all.

A controversial decision with Riot’s success

As it could not be otherwise, we talk about medallion of the iron solari . This object is not particularly popular among the Supports and is particularly designed for the most resistant champions of this position. However, many sorcerers, based on cures and shields, began to use it indiscriminately, reaching disproportionate victory rates. There were several very particular cases such as Lulu, Renata Glasc or Karma in which this item was the best option indisputably.

This situation, gave rise to the next change

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The problem of this situation is that, except in the competitive game, supports based on resistance and initiation have been shown as much weaker . The first places in the classification of supports with the highest victory rate are copied by the defense-based characters and the shields, having to go down to the depths of the Tier List to find us with champions like Leona, Braum, Alistar or Thresh. In this way, those characters that really need to use this item will be even more harmed to be effective.

The support category is one of the most problematic of League of Legends. Your balance point is much more complicated to achieve. Being based almost completely on the premise that they will hardly get gold, any small imbalance can make them appear in other lines or that they are able to get too close to a particular item. Also and, although something painful for resistor-based characters players, seems easier to adjust the power of the item and compensate the heroes who have left losing with individual changes in the next patches.

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