Stray: Where is the sweet cats

The fans are slowly worrying! What has become of the Knuffy Cat Game Stray? The game was presented 2020 and still has no release date. Developer Annapurna Interactive now expresses the current state of things.

When will Stray appear? Developer manifests itself

The Action Adventure Stray has become unusually quiet. The last trailer is now a year old and the release was originally intended for October 2021 . Then came the official shift and since then you can not hear anything from the game. At least until now!

In the course of the “State of Play” events of Sony, developer Annapurna Interactive has expressed itself to the planned release . So you still want to publish Stray this year:

Stray - Gameplay Walkthrough | PS5, PS4

As a humorous reason for the long wait, the publisher gives in the commentary disputes with a few animal developers.

Explore the world from Stray to four paws

In Stray, the player slips into the role of a cute strainer , who explores an Asian city together with a drone, which is populated by robots. The Open World Game with Puzzle Elements comes from Bluetwelfe.

The developer studio was founded by two former Ubisoft employees and Stray is your debut project. The game appears for the PlayStation 5, the PlayStation 4 and the PC. A release for the Xbox or Nintendo Switch is currently not planned.

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