Nexon Games HIT2, a more highly enhanced completion 2 consecutive hit challenge

[Data provided: Nexon]

Nexon Games will be a newly departed newly departure, and the attention is also focused on the newly departing development capabilities.

Mobile PC MMORPG (Hit 2), which is announced in the second quarter of the second quarter, in the year lineup of Nexon Games. At the time of the release, it is also a work that gathers more than a subsequent thing that connects the Mobile Market to “Hits> of of with innovative graphics quality and intense action.

My Favorite Game That No Longer Exists

Nexon’s first mobile crown Action

Mobile action RPG , which appeared on November 2015, is a monumental title that has not been able to record the first two app market sales in Nexon. A sense of exciting striking and stylish action like playing PC games was recognized at the market at the time of the market,

The real-time PVP Daejeon content, including the duel, provides the best completeness of the battle of battle, and won the highest level of completeness and won the highest trader’s presidential prize in the Korean game target.

The attractive character, which is differentiated by the arms and attack characteristics, is also one of the elements that is widely loved. The cute appearance of the ranged wizard ‘Kiki’ and the hundreds of hundreds of people ‘Lena’, and the character of each person, such as ‘Lena’, maximize the fun of genre.

In fact, the new character of the new last February is the release of the new character in the graphics that the original characters were developed in a graphic, and the reaction of the memories such as ‘Nice’,

The original potential expanding · · · Wellemaid’s game performance and service

Nexon Games San XH Studio is a centralized organization centered on the original major development of the IP, which is well understood by the IP, which is a well-understanding of the IP, which will show the potential of this again on the market. In the meaning of ‘Extreme Hit’, the stumbling of the epidemic of the previous work has expanded the episodes of the previous work, and it has been responding to a blockbuster experience that exceeds the existing work.

The Born is aiming to establish a world with a large-scale combat as MMORPG, as MMORPG has changed to MMORPG, as a large battle, as MMORPG.

A large-scale PVP siege that competes in the guild to occupy inertious intralarity, the center of this power, is one of the core content of . Increasing the castle and the user who is king will be given the right to manage and manage and manage the duties.

XH Studio Park Young-il PD is a “player who won the siege to change the rules of the server to change the rules of the server, and the general player is designed to determine whether to decide whether to decide whether to follow the king’s ruling, I have implemented it. “

One foot and has a philosophy of service-oriented design and operation. It is a asport that will protect the use of the user to the top line ranking by the game and the content, and business models. “The market is waiting for a game with a fun game as a fun game,” the market is waiting for a good game with a fun game, “he will make an environment that players can be seated in as a first principle. “I said.

Meanwhile, is a mobile / PC multi-platform MMORPG, which is the development of Nexon Games and is scheduled for Nexon. , , the core personnel, which produced, gathered, to develop a game with the technology and know-how, Nexon will proceed with advance registration events in the second quarter, which will start to start the formal service.

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