Neo Phra – Verifaisf, Funding Rule Rule Solution

[Kids News 24 Park Ye Jin] Neo Pai subsidiary Neopin announced that it has signed a work agreement on ‘Verify VASP’ and the Convention on the use of Travel Rule solutions.

Berifaisvas is a corporate name and Travel Rule solution name, which is a technical company, 256, a technical subsidiary of a two trees that operate a virtual asset exchange job bit.

PHA Asset Repositioning: RAD Choice Mobility and Regular PBV Mobility Rules
Neopin is planning to introduce and interlock the Berry Fayabasv Travel Rule solution in the future, and will also participate in the solidity and activation of the solution. After completing the introduction of the Berry Fairbasv solution, it is expected that the funds between the main exchange and the neopine wallet will be easier.

The VerifaispaSp solution was held on August 256, which runs the Serviced Serviced Serviced Loin Bus last August last year. From the beginning of the opening, the Alliance participating in the Alliance has begun to work with the solution, and it expands the Alliance to the global large exchange such as upvit Global, Fyx (FTX),, MEXC (MEXC).

Neo Phrases, a virtual asset wallet service in Neo Phil, is a block chain, which is a block chain, which is a wallet, P & E (PLAY and EARN), S2E (Service to EARN), S2E (Service to EARN), and an alternative token (NFT).

The ‘Neopin Token (NPT), which will be used as a variety of blocks in a variety of blocks, said on February 28, on the Mexc Global Exchange, listed on the Gibbom, a domestic large exchange, on the 11th.

It will be released as a Clayton network based P & E game that uses NPT as a “brave nine), and NPT, such as ‘Crypto Golf Impact’, starting in April.

“Neogin Wallet is actively responding to Traveler (KYC) preemptive introduction and solution use, and is actively responding to Traveler’s use (KYC).” I will continue to aggressively with business agreements. “

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