Our opinion from Horizon Forbidden West

  • Release date : February 18, 2022
  • Editor : Sony
  • Developer : Guerilla Games
  • Series : Horizon
  • Platforms : PlayStation 4/5
  • Type : Adventure game in the third person
  • Note : game played on PlayStation 4/5 and copy provided by the publisher

First exit of the year for Sony’s studios, Horizon forbidden West already places the high bar for future video games to appear this year. Following Horizon Zero Dawn published in 2017 on PlayStation 4, the story of Forbidden West takes place directly where Zero Dawn stopped. Aloy – The warrior / archery / scientist / explorer that the player controls – desperately seeks to save the planet of certain death. Taking place in a future mixing science fiction and prehistoric elements, the horizon universe is full of robotic animals to hunt and face. The player, at the orders of Aloy, explores the world looking for answers and solutions to save a planet gnawed by a sneaky evil, but still even enemies unknown point the end of their nose to prevent it.

Available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, this new Horizon forbidden West shines more than ever on the new Sony console. The developers of Guerilla Games have always used us to visually breathtaking games and it’s again the case. This is probably the most beautiful video game of the moment on salon consoles. If you have a good television, the experience may be memorable. Even though Aloy is the character that stands out the most of all, developers have made a considerable effort on secondary characters. The hair, the faces, and the texture of the skin are at the thin point of what technology can offer. We still have the worries of the well-barred badges at the gears of war on several characters, but we have less the impression that all the characters are alike. What struck me most and impressed along my 50 hours of play, is the wide variety of robotic animals. When we all think they have seen them. We cross new ones! And let me tell you that they are more and more impressive. Technically, the PlayStation 4 version does not seem to have been entitled to as much development time as the PlayStation version 5. The PlayStation 4 version suffers many bugs and crashes that make the game sometimes unplayable… we expected to Better on the part of Sony, the publisher could have delayed this version rather than offering a non-finished product.

The players played at Horizon Zero Dawn know what to expect with Horizon forbidden West, since it’s almost the same video game in more beautiful and bigger. Aloy evolves in an open and wild universe with more or less primitive weapons. It is therefore the classics of the genre, including the warrior arc, the arc of precision, the crossbow, the spear, the various traps, etc. Of course, there are several new gadgets and the The Legend of Zelda series or Assassin’s Creed, it will be possible to discover new pieces to improve its arsenal and armor by performing secondary quests or hunting games.. In my opinion, the biggest fun point of Horizon forbidden West lies in the hunt for machines. The robotic animals faced are made with different elements and these elements are detachable from the body of the machines. Warning! It must be meticulously done if we do not want to destroy some rare pieces, because these pieces are necessary to create ammunition, weapons or armor. The player who desires him can follow the main story and not to be interested in the world around or secondary quests, but the world of horizon forbidden West is so vast that it is difficult not to to interest. The exploration is nice and see Aloy acquire experience to become stronger is intoxicating. Even if the body-to-body fights have been improved, we will prefer to play with jet weapons or traps that offer better sense sensations. The only real problem that bothered me during the fighting is the camera that isolate itself When an enemy goes on us, I would like to be able to use something other than a roll or a grapple to clear Alloy too invasive enemies.

Like all good video games to open world, Horizon forbidden West has a world map filled with secondary goals to explore. Whether it’s climbing mountains to discover treasures, or hunting a beast that terrorizes the villagers from the corner, or destroy bandits camps, it is possible to have fun for nearly 100 hours with Aloy. Secondary quests are often more interesting than the main story with a more sustained plot rhythm. Special mention to the main quest taking place under water. I think this is the first time in my player life that I love an aquatic level.

Horizon Forbidden West - Before You Buy
In conclusion, Guerilla Games offers us a splendid suite with this horizon forbidden West. The developers made a treatment of honor in Aloy. Visually quasi-irreproachable on PlayStation 5 with a careful playability, this PlayStation exclusivity should easily please all open world video game fans. Sometimes a little too kitsch, sometimes a little too formal, the story still has the right to a luxury film treatment and we will especially hold the very endearing character of Aloy who is the perfect head of poster to demonstrate the capabilities and the Power of the PlayStation 5.

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