Metroid Vania Action “GHOST SONG” 2022 release. Beyond the development period for about 9 years

Humble Games officially announced on March 18, 2D action adventure game “ GHOST SONG “. The compatible platform is a PC (Steam / Humble Bundle) and will be released 2022.

“GHOST SONG” is an action adventure game that explores the mystery full of rose. The stage of this work is a satellite Lorian, which spreads the landscape with a stumbler. The main character is a dead suit that was in a hibernation in the land. When dead suit woke up on Lorian ground, it was also completed to prepare armed combat. But something is wrong with something wrong. In order to solve the mystery, the main character will advance to the back of Lorian’s darkness.

This work was revealed that the “Super Metroid” and “Dark Soul” series were affected at the initial stage of development. It is a work of the so-called “Metroid Vania” genre that explores the world drawn in 2D and discovers hidden areas and power-up. In addition, RPG elements such as the module’s suit customization function and level up element may also include RPG elements. The battle is a system that uses a long-standing weapon and a system that uses a close weapon, and there is also a system such as a proximity attack with a powerful attack when firing a brasser. You can also enjoy a tension fight with a strong enemy.

The indie levepper Old Moon to work with “Ghost Song”. It is seen as an individual studio by the developer Matt White. In fact, this work has started in 2013. That is, it has been developing a development period of 9 years. At the time, the developer was campaigned at the Cloud Funding Site KickStarter to investigate this work. Although the campaign was successful, development is difficult. While completing the majority of the game, there was also a “restart” to switch to another game engine along the way. In addition, “GHOST SONG” seems to be created by Unity. And this time, Humble Games has revealed that the Publisher supports OLD MOON, and finally the work came out to the world.

  • Play video of this work demobuilding as of last August

“GHOST SONG” will be released in 2022 for PC (Steam / Humble Bundle).

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