Im Test: Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric Twin

As it looks: Like the XC40, the C40 also builds on the CMA platform that Volvo has developed together with the Chinese Group Mother GEELY. Means: You have to do it with brothers. The XC40 comes to the role of the classic SUVs, the C40 takes over the part of the coupe-like sliced ​​crossovers. Length (4.44 meters) hardly changed as part of the circumslyling, in height – 1.60 meters – the C40 renounces but on five centimeters, flatter finally comes straight a sporting over. The overall package works equally well-proportioned like muscular, in the wind, the C40 suggests a nearly closed front, the roof line opens into an elegantly bevelled back.

While there is the XC40 with classic combustion drive and in an electrical variant, the C40 is basically with electricity.

As it is set up: in typical Volvo Manier, nice clean so, with premium materials and comfortable seat furniture. A soothing effect showed the large-area (but not open) panoramic glass roof, and if we are already in the light, we do not want to leave the (surcharge) backlit decorative insert along the instrument panel and in the panels of the front doors, whose gentle backlight us already liked before we have learned that the three-dimensional structure “inspired by topographic maps of the Swedish Abisko National Park”.

The view is directed to a large, digital driver display, with a head-up display, the C40 can not serve. Behind the High-Kanted Touch Screen lives an Android-based infotainment that provides the usual Google applications such as Maps, Assistant or Play Store and works veryly, also concerns the light guard voice control (“Hey Google”). Data volume is unlimited, updates are so uncomplicated “over the air” into the cockpit. For frustration under iPhone users, however, it could make sure that Apple CarPlay is not supported by the system. Well possible that this is an exclusion criterion for one or the other.

The ecological orientation of many electric car customers also extends to a vegetarian or even vegan lifestyle, and so you will find no leather in the C40, but only sustainable, many times recycled materials.

C40 interior: Digital Cockpit, Classic Volume Controller, USB C connections. manufacturer

How much space he has: enough to be able to look forward to the long-distance. Only in the rear, the attested attendant is quite close to the Crest. The trunk packs 413 to 1205 liters away, the loading edge falls slightly high, but that is no different with competitors of similar design. Under the front hood there is an additional 31-liter storage roof (“frunk”), so the charging cables are already out of the way.

On request (960 euros) there is a trailer hitch, braked can be taken up to 1800 kilograms in tow. In addition, a clutch carrier for bicycles can be installed.

What drives it: Two electric motors each with 150 kW / 204 hp, thus making 300 kW / 408 hp and 660 Newton meter torque. A machine acts on the front, the other on the rear axle, in this way comes the C40 to four-wheel drive, even a special terrain mode he provides ready. The prolonged stream is stored in a lithium-ion battery with 75 kWh usable capacity.

Who is satisfied with less power and without 4WD, gets the C40 as a variant “Single Motor” – with only one, then 170 kW / 231 hp electric motor, front drive and 69 kWh battery.

How he drives: completely famous. The zoom effect of the continuously accelerating Sweden is impressive, in 4.7 seconds the 2.2-tonner cracks the Tempo 100 mark, almost silent and so effortlessly, that it is even more attentive than usual in the sense of driver’s license retention than usual Keep. At 180 km / h, the electronics set a closing point, which is already known from other Volvo models. In parallel with its sporty side, however, the C40 can also give the relaxed cruiser, quiet and relaxed, we have slipped over land and enjoyed the smooth suspension comfort.

Incidentally, different driving modes are not available. While we did not felt that as deficit, we would have wished for the recuperation more fine tuning. The only available level (“One Pedal Driving”) must be cumbersome about a submenu on the touchscreen – and then develops a strong delay effect.

Incidentally, the C40 knows that it can start starting now via a seat occupancy detection. This makes life easier insofar as it requires no pressure on the start button – it is sufficient to simply insert the speed. Of essential importance is the standard reversing camera, because the rear window is no more than a narrow slot, the seeking look backwards brings only marginal findings.

That looks good: silhouette with bevelled roof line. manufacturer

How far he comes: The WLTP standard awakens an expectation of 439 kilometers. The practice looks different. Winter temperatures around five degrees were more than 300 to 340 kilometers in reality.

Unlike it is the rule, the C40 does not show the remaining distance in the driver’s display. There only the battery charging level is communicated in percent. Who wants to know how many kilometers to stay until the next charging stop, must either consult “Range Assistant” or Google questions. The Range Assistant also calls consumption and offers the “Range Optimizer” the opportunity to throttle the performance of air conditioning to generate more route.

What he consumes: The C40 is not a cost-owner. The bottom line we noticed 26 kWh / 100 km. On the highway and at the direction of guideline 130, the values ​​over 30 kW / h increases.

As he loads: The C40 fills its cells three-phase at the wallbox and with up to 11 kW, the complete charge takes 8 hours. High-speed loading of DC succeeded with a maximum of 150 kW, just under 40 minutes need to bring the battery from 10 to 80 percent charging.

If the Navi is commissioned with the search for a charging station, the technique turns on at times on it and operates a corresponding preconditioning of the battery.

What he offers: Already the basic model “Core” calms with the brand-typically extensive personnel in security wizard – an automatic emergency brake system, for example, which also recognizes pedestrians, cyclists and “big animals” as well as special functions for intersections and oncoming traffic includes, as well Attention assistant to the bid and a protective system, which becomes active during the center of the midline and at the same time approaching oncoming traffic by steering engagement. From the reversing camera and the Android infotainment was already mentioned, listing we also want to have traffic sign recognition, audio system with eight speakers, inductive smartphone charging system, two-zone climate control, steering wheel and seat heating, panoramic glass roof and heat pump.

Twin concept: The stronger model variant is driven by two e-motors. Meanwhile, Volvo has also pushed a pure front drive. manufacturer

More still lay the equipment variants “Plus” (dead angle assistant, cross-traffic warning, rear impact weakening, partial autonomous driving functions, electric tailgate) and “ultimate” (premium audio system, 360 degree parking camera, intelligent headlight system) on it.

What he costs: from 57,650 euros. The environmental bonus in the amount of 7500 euros is deductible.

What we mean: With the C40 Volvo has placed a valuable and very preliminary electrician on the wheels, which occupies with sovereign driving behavior and energetic propulsion for electric driving. The range is not outstanding, but might be more friendly for more spring temperatures and must be placed in relation to the rapid charging performance, which is concerned. With the waiver of four-wheel drive and the very strong performance, the price drops by 8800 to 48,850 euros.

Ulla ellmer

Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric Twin

Power 300 kW / 408 hp (2 x 150 kW / 300 hp) at 4350 – 13.900 / min

Max. Torque 660 Nm (2 x 330 nm) at 1750 / min

Battery type lithium ions, capacity 78 kWh gross, 75 kWh net

Charging connection AC three-phase up to 11 kW, DC up to 150 kW

High speed 180 km / h

Acceleration 0 to 100 km / h 4.7 sec

Norm consumption WLTP 22,3 – 20.7 kWh / 100 km

Test consumption 26 kWh / 100 km

CO2 emission 0 g / km

Energy efficiency class A +

Length 4.44 m

Width 1.87 m without, 2.03 m with outside mirrors

height 1.60 m

trunk 413 to 1205 l rear, 31 l front

Empty weight 2185 kg

Permitted total weight 2620 kg

Payload 435 kg

Trailer load 1800 kg (braked), 750 kg (unchecked)

Automatic input, four-wheel drive

Volvo C40 Recharge first drive | Wheels Australia

Price from 57,650 euros

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