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The Opinian Isphori won chicken in the last match of Weekly Survival 3-week.

17th ‘2022 Pub Weekly Series (PWS)’ East Asia Phase 1 Survival 3 weeks 2 days played online.

On this day, the Weekly Survival game is held on the Battle Ground Smash Cup Season 6, the ‘Map Order and Ratio Selection of the’ Map Order and Ratio Selection ‘in Eran Gel.

The magnetic field is formed of a magnetic field. Dana and Isphos and Veronica 7 in the game were confronted in the process of obtaining the vehicle, and Veronica 7 won the atmosphere and the atmosphere.

Eagleias, the ATIII was a triumph, while the ATII is a house, and it was a truly stopped fighting,

Goose Pushing was a deadly damages that he had been in the process of putting the opponent in the process of Luins in the Luins where Zenzu was located, but it was a deadly damaging that loses two.

In the magnetic field, Guangdong Prix shaped to cut the beans in turn, In addition, Guangdong Prix also won the victory and followed the victory in the battlefield.

TOP4 left Guangdong Prix, Giel Ispos, Gybali Ispo, and Office Sports.

The Giel Ispotz has played a strategy on the north and hit the north of the magnetic field, However, when this strategy fails, Guangdong Prix joined the Guangdong Prix, and the Keebi Ispozed attacked attacks, but was loss.

MW & SOAP Program Webinar 3 3 22

In this situation, the opinion is a quick judgment, and the Eve Ispoza was successful, with a kingpoint to push, and at the same time as a kingpoint, he added a total of 18 points, and a total of 18 points to the Push, and succeeded in entering the Esseclin Final.

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