Evil West – the upcoming adventure game from the developers of Flying Wild Hogs and publisher Focus Home Interactive. Although the game has no official release date, except for 2022, many people look forward to playing into it. But the question was asked if the evil West was a marauder shooter.

Evil West - Gameplay Reveal Trailer | The Game Awards 2021

The answer is no – Angry West is not a marauder shooter. . The developer confirmed this in the evil West post of discussion in Steam. The developer stated that this is combat adventure action from a third party and not a marauder-shooter, such as Borderlands or Destiny. This means that there is no serious mining system in the game.

Is there a story in Evil West?

The evil West also has plot campaign for you to enjoy. The Steam page describes in detail that there are privileges for unlocking and available updates. They allow you to set up your game style and fight the forces of evil.

So, if you expected that Evil West will become a marauder shooter, you need to change your expectations. However, those who are looking for a narrative Action will be happy to find out that this is what Evil West offers.

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