“TREK TO YOMI” is a monochrome video intensifying sword action adventure [Previous play repo]

Flying Wild Hog, who worked with “ RIOT ” and “ THE ETERNAL CASTLE [Remastered] ” series, the 2013 “ Shadow Warrior ” series, the Spring Development of Flying Wild Hog Sakai Koji 3.5D action adventure “ TREK to YOMI ” scheduled to be released.

A work that is gradually showing exciting, such as shocking announcement in last year’s E3, and additional information publishing in “State of Play” by SIE in March this year. This editorial department has had an opportunity to play the early stage of this work, so I will try to deliver a leading play report mainly based on the contents as a game. This time, it will be played with keyboard and mouse.

The story starts from the childhood of the main character Daiki (Hiroki) . He will learn basic action through the practice of swords and Mihiro. The basics of the attack are left-click. Furthermore, by combining W keys and S keys, upstream cooperation and lower partners can be made. Right clicking can be used from above the opponent’s protection **. Although the attack is slow, it produces the opponent’s catch.

Left SHIFT long press Defense . We prevent enemy attacks, but we will decrease. If you get lost, it will be fatigued, and it can not be often used to delay attacks and fall into disadvantaged. Also, if you press the left Shift short and press , you can use . You can protect against the timing of the opponent’s attack, and you can protect without reducing the power, and you can fix it with left click. If you succeed in the fatigue state, it will be promptly Recovery , even if you make it successful until the counterattack, you will be able to recover your own **. The survival rate seems to change significantly whether it can be used properly.

Here is the person who used by Mihiro. The training was interrupted, so Ichigo’s daughter, with Aiko, with Aiko. The search part can be moved freely. You can enjoy the high quality height of the city.

I came to near the entrance of the city, but the wilderness is in the middle of attacking the city. Sanjiro seems to have headed for defense. After that, Daiki heading to the original of Mitsuro with Aiko and another action. The bence that is soba plays a role of save points and touches restart points update and strength recovery.

It is a big bloom that comes out at the moment that the town is attacked now. It is still a kid…? I was worried…

I was sorry. I already kill the heart, and I will kill Zubazu. By the way, it is the body of physical strength and energy displayed at the lower left. The UI is the minimum of the minimum immersive.

From here, when it becomes a battle, the horizontal scroll 2D action and the style that can be moved to the left and right before and after the battle is completed. It is recommended to check the area completely in the search mode. When moving to the site of the screen of the screen, the screen switches, discovers something that shines. These Collections can be found.

In addition, it is recommended that the search can be done firmly as it may be available to the items that increase the maximum value of the power rise and the new technology skills **.

Trek to Yomi - Official Announcement Trailer | Devolver Digital
This is also attacked by the town. When I turned down after defeating the Bit: I received a rod hand sword . It is a consumer item that allows you to attack from long distance. Convenient, the number of possessions is limited. But what do you give a sticky bag back sword? By the way, I feel free to use it because it is falling in the way besides the compensation of the townsman.

It is also possible to avoid places where there are multiple ways of waiting and explore another route. It is one thing to do. Dawn. Some It will be the style that has been placed in some cases, but there are also these crisis avoidance methods.

Be careful when surrounding back and forth. You can look back on R key , but it is worse that the gap is also large. In such a case, the person who is quick and the front is killed… Back to the back of the sword literally return the back. I was dead if I was not taught an attack that I cut it up.

In a large place, I can’t feel sorry for Walla Wara and new hand from the back.

Discovered Mitsuro with a village. I am fighting with two tits.

Daiki is closing, but he will encounter the thousands of thorns. In addition to accurate swords, teeth do not get teeth into technologies that use kicks and practicing. I would like to receive the opponent’s attack and insert a counterattack.

This story moves a big move, so the details will be omitted, but it will be visited by the large turning point of life.

And now, the figure of the Deijo who became a good adolescent is there. Aiko also grows and protects the town with two people.

I will go to save the people from the crisis about the neighbor village. By the way, the game-like elements will increase more and more from this, and there will be more places that will bring back and forth that there will be back and forth. Here we learn a coupling with a combination of normal attacks and strikes.

In addition, we also raise encounter with a bored bird. Because these kind of opponents are hard to work on normal slash, we will build an attack on the main attack, and use the F key to the F key at the moment.

This time I was able to play this time until the end of Chapter 2, the technology of the sword is nearly 9%, unmovable, and the story is still the occurrence of the story. Needlessly I can not stand in a suspicious place that can be confirmed by the game play trailer and the story trailer. A combination of this deployment is very fun to combine the action that will be available one after another.

“TREK TO YOMI” is scheduled to be released in spring of 2022.

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