New PlayStation game reaches embarrassing negative

A new game for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 attracts the rage of the fans. Through a controversial patch, the game lands at a metacritic evaluation of 2.0. No game from Sony cuts off worse.

New PlayStation game sets Turbo – at the wrong place

Actually, Gran Turismo 7 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 had a good start. The new racing simulation received good reviews of the press and the players also found praise for the impressive graphics and the realistic driving experience. With a controversy patch on March 17, the developer Polyphony Digital has now driven the goodwill of fans against the wall.

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The patch reduces the profits, can win the players through races . As a result, it becomes more difficult to unlock new cars without having to resort to micropransaktions. In addition, the online compulsion, through the numerous players could not play almost at all, while the game was offline shortly after the patch for more than 24 hours. The rage of the fans reflects in the evaluation on Metacritic. Users give the PS5 version of the game currently the catastrophic evaluation of 2.0 . According to the VGC page, no game is rated by Sony on the page worse. (Source: VGC / Metacritic)

Gran Turismo 7: Prize of the cars is an important element

Also prominent community members speak against the unwanted changes. Steve Alvarez Brown writes, for example, on Twitter that Gran Turismo 7 is at a point where it would be unreasonable for a normal player “unreasonably long to get credits” . (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, Kazunori Yamuchi , the CEO of Polyphony Digital, reacts to the controversy:

“I want the players to have many cars and races in GT7, even without microstransaktions. At the same time, the price of the cars is an important element that reflects their value and their rarity, which is why it is important to be with the prices in the to connect real world. “

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