How to turn any job in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Free

While traveling FAIR OF THE PARADISE: FINAL FANTASY ORIGINS , you begin your journey to kill chaos, find chaos and do everything to stop chaos. It seems like a protagonist Jack Garland has one thing in mind, he is a man with many talents. With swords, bars and all in between you can change your job to take it with bad guys in his huge world.

Stranger of Paradise | Get Overpowered EARLY! in Final Fantasy Origin
How can you unlock more jobs? If you are bored to use the standard sword, you may want to change it and be a bit news. So do while we help you not only kill chaos, but to become something newm.

Stranger of Paradise – How to turn off jobs

While moving through dungeons and compete with the unique and crazy combat system of Stranger of Paradise against enemies, they can take some different roles and allow their partners to follow their example.

There are a total of 28 different jobs, from Basic, Advanced and Expert. Your basic jobs and how you can unlock them are:

  • Sword fighters – get a great sword
  • Duelant – get a dagger
  • Sword fighters – get a sword
  • FAUFFAILER – Get Knuckles
  • Maroodur – get an ax
  • Ronin – get a Kitana
  • Lancer – get a lance
  • Mage – Get a dispute piston

For your advanced jobs , you need to highlight certain jobs and unlock capabilities in your capability trees to bring them to the next capability type. To do this, you must level the following jobs for your advanced part:

  • Knight – increase the level of the swordsman
  • Monk – Rising the Level Pugilist and Lancer
  • Warrior – Level Swordsman and Ronin
  • Thief – increase the level of fisting fighters and duelant
  • Red Magician – Level Swordsman and Magicians
  • Berserker – Level Marauder and Swords
  • Samurai – Levele Ronin on
  • White magician – increase the level as a magician
  • Dragoner – Level Up Lancer and Marauder

Similar to the advanced jobs listed above, expert jobs require that they rise in the level and unlock capabilities Skills of their respective classes. All expert jobs and their required classes are as follows:

  • Assassin – increase the level of thief and monk
  • Ninja – Samurai and Thief Level
  • Tyrant – Level Rotmagier and Monk on
  • Weiser – increase the level as black magician and white magician
  • Dark knight – climb as a berserker, warrior and black magician
  • Breaker – Samurai, Dragoner and Berserk
  • Paladin – Level knights and white magician
  • Knight of the emptiness – Level Knight and Rotmagier
  • Liberator – Level Dragoner and Warrior
  • Cyclic warrior – is unlocked after completion of the main history

There are many different types of jobs that have all your unique strengths and weaknesses. Since the fight is electrifying in this game and requires a surprising depth to get good, you will find that you will be attracted to certain job types in no time. The combination of the forces of a sword fighter and a magician, which cause damage to you from close proximity, and the ability to act magic on your enemies are a great way to make sure that you can do it through the early game, but you will Your pattern will find earlier than later!

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

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