World of Warcraft and Co. in the GamePass: Sony under Voltwang?

The year 2022 began with a big headline: Microsoft buys the Californian company Activision Blizzard – for $ 68.7 billion – the largest deal of video game history.

This moves a series of esport titles to the new owner. These include Overwatch, Call of Duty or World of Warcraft, but also long ago forgotten games like Heroes of the Storm and Starcraft.

Special whose communities should be pleased about the change of owners, as a fresh wind could increase the radiance. But next to the joy there are also many question marks. Especially what the availability of the games is concerned.

Finally, the first guess is suggested that the new game portfolio is integrated into the GamePass of Microsoft. What does that mean for Sony? Is there no call of duty more on the PlayStation in the future? The Californian company ESPORT TALK went on the track.

Between single and subscription revenue

At least as the financial concerns, there are pro and contra arguments for recording in the GamePass. Thus belonged according to the industrial association “Game” Call of Duty Vanguard (11th place) and Black Ops – Cold was (12th place 12) to the best-selling games of the year 2021.

Single revenue that would be eliminated when integrating, because the user pays an amount monthly and can then download all available games – as long as the subscription is finished.

WoW on Xbox Game Pass - How Would it Work?
On the other hand, these games would strengthen the attractiveness of the subscription model. Florian Merz, Head of Esports at “Sport1”, could therefore be well imagined: a time-delayed release. If you want to get started directly after publication, you have to buy the game at full price. Who wants to get it over the GamePass, who would have to wait a quarter of a year. “That it does not come to the GamePass, I can not imagine,” Merz believes.

But despite the apparent advantages, the subscription trap threatens to beat. Who only appeals to a game, depending on the subscription type pays between 119 and 155 euros a year. Significantly more expensive than the single full price of a game.

Microsoft thinks console-independent – solves the deal a chain reaction?

And what would that mean for PlayStation players? Moderator Christian G├╝rnth thinks of a connection between the subscription model and Sony’s console: “You have on the PlayStation the Microsoft GamePass and you can play there over the then. I think Microsoft is not worried to play only on the Xbox. I think that thinks: no matter where it can be played, and if it is the refrigerator with a display, the game pass must. “

Does that mean Microsoft overtakes Sony in the duel of the console giants? Warcraft 3-Caster Marcel ‘SL4Shor’ Riceke sees the next step in the Japanese company: “I think the next big takeover comes from Sony, because they are a bit under pressure – under Voltwang. I think Sony goes towards Ubisoft and In response to Microsoft direction EA. “

But before there is further future questions, Microsoft must first clarify the current topics. Finally, the studio also took over the negative headlines around Activision Blizzard.

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