Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons was just the beginning

Oh, how beautiful is ~~ Panama ~~ Tyria! And how much fun do the new expansion of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons (in the test) ?! Who, like colleague Matze, can not get enough of Cantha and the other innovations, is allowed to look forward to exciting weeks and months for the online role-playing game from Arenanet!

The future of Guild Wars 2

In a very extensive post, the GW2 team has now underlined again that it does not rest after the addon launch, but will continue to give full throttle. The course has already been laid in the past, with important foundations such as the conversion to DirectX11, the legendary armory chamber or the world restructuring in the WVW. Already now these measures are paid:

  • The number of active “Guild Wars 2” players should have more than tripled in the last two years.
  • End of Dragons sells better than the previous extension Path of Fire.

According to the successful launch of End of Dragons, the developers want to pursue a goal above all: significantly more and regular content updates deliver, yet creating a healthy work-life balance in the team. Say: Arenanet wants to go up a gear without overloading the engine.

Steam Release, Living World, WVW

The developers have suggested some areas of / goals for Guild Wars 2, which they absolutely do, improve, want to implement:

  • Guild Wars 2 will be prepared for a release on Steam this year to lure new players to Tyria.
  • This year, a large part of the living world: Season 1 (Scarlets War), which was only playable in the early years, return to the Story chronicle. The developers want to summarize the most important moments and experiences of the Story of Lively World: Season 1 in five episodes that are published over 2022. So new players finally should be able to close the story gap between their personal history and living world: Season 2.

  • The world restructuring for the “world in the worldmode should be continued. Currently, the backend infrastructure for the new system is established and the matchmaking algorithm is redefined. But the goal is that the WVW is more worthwhile for single players.

  • The new plan includes quarterly class updates, with occasional additional publications in response to the development of the meta in the various game modes.
  • Expansion of End of Dragons has high priority. This is to provide for even more fines, but also to publish new content such as the challenge modes for the attack missions or the new variants for the legendary weapons of the 3rd generation.

This is how the spring roadmap looks like Guild Wars 2 in 2022. Source: Arenanet

Roadmap for Guild Wars 2 in Spring 2022

So that you have concrete in mind what will happen in the next few weeks and months, Arenanet released a roadmap for March, April, May and June: 15. March \ – Fine cut build of End of Dragons

  • 29. March \ – Super Adventure Festival, fine-cut build of End of Dragons
  • 19. April \ – Episode 1 for Season 1 of the Living World, Challenge Mode for Eäsklingen-Unterschlapf
  • 10. May \ – Challenge Mode for Xunlai Jade Jade Scrapplate
  • 24. May \ – Episode 2 for Season 1 of the Living World, Challenge Mode for Kaineng vantage point, new variant for legendary weapons
  • 7. June \ – Dragon-Polished-Fest, Challenge Mode for Harvest Stamps

Guild Wars 2 - END OF DRAGONS Story! | Part 1 (Timestamps included)
* 28. June \ – Balance update, new variant for legendary weapons

WVW beta tests and bonus events are announced as soon as their dates are firmly. How do the plans of the developers sound for you? How much fun do you have with the new extension end of Dragons? And are you looking forward to the future of Guild Wars 2 (Buy Now 49,95 €)? Borrows us in the comments!

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