Is there two cyworld-only crypto? Four?. Concerns about investors

The confusion of cryptographic investors is concerned that the Cyworld Jet will rely on the April 2, and the official cryptographic inclination is to issue official cryptens.

This is because the cyworld jet will officially issue the encryption and 2 different cryptographic inclinations that are already circulated in the market with cyworld-only crypto.

The situation is that this is due to a legal lawsuit on the end of the conflict of Beta Labs issued the cryptosis through the past cooperation with Cyworld Jet and the past cooperation.

In this process, investor damage is concerned, and it comes to the intellectual purpose of complementing the system.

■ Cyworld Jet “Acorn / Cycon” vs Beta Labs “Cydotori · Cyclub”

According to the industry, according to the industry, Cyworld Jet plans to reboot the Cyworld on April 2 and issued an official crypto ‘Acorn (DTR).

At the same time, it is a policy that will utilize the encryption ‘cornon’ that is ahead of Leabranding with ‘Cycon’.

Cornon is a blocked system-based distributed storage technology enterprise encoded encryption. According to Cyworld Jet, you can purchase acorns with Cornon, and if the Cyworld users provide a PC for a distributed storage system ‘Cornon Drive’, the compensation for this is paid to CANnon. As part of a program that can earn profit while using Cyworld, a coronary drive is introduced.

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In other words, there are two types of encrypts that announced that the current cyworld jet will link to the service.

However, there is a “Cyditori Coin (DOTR)”, which is a block chain, “Cydori Coin (DOTR)”, and ‘Cyclub’. Cydotori Coin is a Digi-Pyllon, Cyclub is listed on the Bitsum.

The Cyditori White Paper says, “Foundation plays an important role in the development of maintenance, Cydotori Token, and the Metabus World Virtual Ecosystem in the Metropolitan Database,” Foundation, “the Foundation,” the Foundation, “the Foundation plays a major role in developing maintenance, Psyshotori Token, and Metabus World Virtual Ecosystem.

Cy Club White Paper is also introducing voice-based SNS ‘Cyclub’ as the first Di app of Cyworld Classic, Cyworld’s main net.

■ “Cyworld” vs “Nail”… Legal fighting

Beta Labs has convinced that Cyworld Jet and the Convention to develop block chain-based services that utilize brands of Cyworld content and brand last year.

However, since the Cyworld Jet, however, we believed that the Cyworld Brands, such as the “Cyworld B”, which is involved in Kim Ho-kwang Beta Labus,

In this way, Beta Labs raised the disposal lawsuits that have done a misleading contract for Cyworld Jet. As a result of legal conflict between the company, the Bband was designated as a ‘investment’ stock. Since the last 18th, the 50th part of the Central District Court of Seoul National University of Seoul,

Cyworld Jet is the position of claiming that the Cydo World’s mention is to be deleted to the Cydotory, Cy Club White Paper. However, this said Beta Labs is not accepting.

“The Cyworld Jet Representative, said,” The Cydori Coin, Cy Club White Paper, “the Cyworld (cryptographic disclosure site) and the Bibbom, responsible for the contents of the Cyworld (cryptographic disclosure site), I sent a statement, but I answered that the time of this month did not have a correction. “

On the other hand, BaTa Labels have not been valid for this request. Kim Ho-gwang Beta Labus representative is “a compliance with the Cyworld Jet to confirm the proprietary rights of the Cyworld coin of Beta Betas,” and “I have been decided to be the disposal of Beta Labs The destruction of the rights of the rights argued that the rights must be recognized by the confirmation of confirmation. “

In addition, even if the contract is confirmed by the ruling, the contract for the Cyclub has argued that the contract is valid. Even if the contract is terminated with a dispute between the parties, the provisions that Beta Labs continue to have project privileges, depending on the ratio of the investment that already paid to the investment. Kim Ho-gwang, said, “I have been paid for $ 1229 million for the Cy Club tokens that corresponded to the investment. It was a false claim “false claim.”

Industry officials of the block chain, “Investment of cryptographic reciprocity,” said, “In the event that the block chain is aiming to be aiming to be centralized,” I need to have a system that allows you to reference. “

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