Friendship Destruction or “Among Us” Friend List Implementation-“HALO” and “Rachkra”, etc.

Innersloth delivers free update v2022.3.29 for spacecraft game “ AMONG US ” and reported its details. “Friendship is the end (Maji?)” An announcement movie named “Friendship?” Is also published together.

This mainly implemented is the addition of the friendlist announced in January. According to the announcement, it has been implementing all basic functions such as retrieval of requests and lobby invitations, and block functions in addition to friends codes. However, for child accounts, friendlist access requires parents permission.

In addition, in this update, screen shake on / off switching (PC version only) and skins sort will be implemented, and the link / cancellation function of existing accounts can be temporarily possible.

In the official news, the user who falls under the condition that has previously been announced and the user who falls under the condition is available for free by logging in.

  • Collaboration skin (all platforms, April 30) with the Slusher movie “Scream”

  • Collaboration skin with FPS game “HALO” (Xbox / Microsoft store limited)

  • Collaboration Skin with ACT Games “Ratchet & Crank” (PlayStation User Limited)

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